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101 Side Hustle Ideas for Special Needs Moms

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Do you need some side hustle ideas for producing extra income? If so you are in luck. Here is my giant list of 101 side hustle ideas for special needs moms. That said, many of these side hustle ideas could work for moms who don’t have a child with special needs or even if you aren’t a mom. I just complied this list based on the special needs that moms of these special children often have. Obviously no one will be able to do all of these side hustle ideas. Some require special education or experience, some require more money than others, some are free to start, some require you to be able to leave your house, and some are more jobs than home based businesses. However, you should hopefully be able to find at least a few good side hustle ideas to try.

Side Hustles You Can Do From Home on the Computer

1. Write ebooks for kindle- If you have writing skills and knowledge about various topics or even ideas for writing fiction, you can write ebooks and publish them for kindle for free. Then you can sell them and if you market them well, and they are well written, you can do quite well. Here is a link to Amazon’s guide on how to publish your ebooks on Kindle. Building Your Book for Kindle. There are lots of other ebooks on how to do this you can find by searching on Amazon.

2. Start a Youtube Channel- You can research how to do this and how to make it pay. However, you want to keep in mind that you need to have a target audience for this and ask yourself, “Why would someone care? and Why Would anyone watch what I’m sharing?”

3. Start a Podcast- same as a youtube channel. Have a target audience and content in mind.

4. Start a Blog- Similar to numbers 2 and 3. You need a target audience and then grow your audience over time and then you can make money with a variety of things. You can find lots of advice on this blog about blogging. ProBlogger.

5. Affiliate Marketing- This is the concept of marketing a product for someone else and earning commissions. I earn commissions from Amazon as an affiliate on this blog for example. Check out these ebooks for some help in getting started. Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Guide: Learn Easy Steps To Make Full Time Income Working Part Time From Home (Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Clickbank Marketing, List Building, Blogging) and Authority Affiliate Marketing: 12 Steps to Long-Term Profits with a Single Niche.

6. Sell T-shirts- You can design and sell your own shirts with various platforms. Teespring is one of the most popular.

7. Create Online Courses and Sell Them- This is more complicated but if you have specialized knowledge you can make this work pretty well. Check out Udemy Course Success: Earn $1,000s From Home Making Udemy Courses: Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your First Course Published.

8. Do freelance work- There are dozens of websites you can join and find people looking to hire people to complete various projects.

9. Sell your services on fivver.com. This can work really well if you have some unique ideas.

10. Online tutoring via skype with rypeapp.com. Students sign up for tutoring in English and a variety of Languages. I currently am a tutor with Rype for French. I get students from all over the world. It’s fun and can work really well if you have teaching experience and known at least one language.

11. Online tutoring with wyzant.com This site also has offline tutoring as well. Again great if you have teaching or tutoring experience.

12. Work from home job- search on thepennyhoarder.com

13. Online coaching- You can do health coaching, life coaching, career coaching etc. Again one of the more complicated ones but it’s possible if you know how and you put forth the effort.

14. Transcribing- You can search for companies looking for people to do this. Usually you are given an audio file and you type out what is said on the audio. You are usually paid per word or per minute.

15. Language interpreting and translation- Proz.com is one of the best places to find these jobs.

16. Work with Stitch fix as an online stylist. Can work well if you have a knack for style and fashion.

17. Start a Virtual Assisting Business- can be one of the more profitable ideas on this list if you know how and can market yourself well.

18. Start a business doing social media for other businesses.- similar to number 17.

19. Take online surveys for money and prizes- There are a variety of places but Swagbucks is my favorite.

20. Work with Amazon Turk

21. Create an app and sell it- Obviously this one requires you to have the skill to do this but can work if you know how.

22. Find a company that needs you to create an app and create it for them- similar to number 22 only you do it for a company.

23. Online Research- This can be great if you have research skills. You’ll want to specialize in locating a certain kind of information.

24. Write and distribute press releases- Again a great idea if you have the knowledge to do it.

25. Create healthy eating menus and shopping lists for other special needs parents- This one can be very much appreciated by other parents.

26. Video editing for businesses.

27. Create websites for businesses. Again requires some knowledge but you can learn WordPress pretty easily.

28. Buy and sell domain names. Requires you to figure out which domain names are desirable and have the money to buy them and wait a bit.

29. Answer emails for businesses- similar to being a virtual assistant but only answering emails.

30. Take photos and sell them on sites like Foap and istock photo.

31. Youtube captions writer and editor- many popular youtubers will hire someone to do this for them.

32. Niche website creator and marketer- similar to blogger only you target one specific niche and monetize it.

33. Create how to videos and up load them to skillshare.com

34. Design logs and graphics for companies- helps to have some graphic design skills but you can also do basic designs using free software like Canva.com.

35. Work generating leads for real estate or insurance companies. Usually you will need to train in office for this one for a few weeks or so and then often you can do this from home.

36. Learn how to help businesses with facebook ads. You would need to first get some training on how to do this.

Side Hustles that require a small investment (Usually $100-$300)

37. Make crafts and sell them on etsy.

38. Find merchandise at yard sales or thrift stores and sell them on ebay.

39. Find used books or other items and sell them on Amazon.

40. Start your own e-commerce store on shopify.com.

41. Start a network marketing or direct sales business. (Learn how to join mine and work with me here.)

42. Make and sell your own candles

43. Make and sell your own jewelry

44. Make and sell soaps, lotions and lip balms

45. Make and sell your own pottery

46. Make and sell weighted blankets for kids with autism and sensory issues. (I’ve known a few moms that have done this quite successfully.)

Side Hustles that You Need to Leave Home for a few hours to do

47. In person tutoring (you could possibly have the students come to you if necessary)

48. Lyft or Uber driving

49. House cleaning

50. Yard Work

51. Party Planner- many people are busy and don’t have time to plan their own parties. You can do this partially from home but then you would need to leave to go to the party.

52. Run errands

53. Do grocery shopping for people

54. Do voiceover work for companies. (Usually you have to travel to the recording studio for a few hours periodically)

55. Dog Walking

56. Be a pooper scooper

57. Mystery Shopping. Lots of companies out there. Mobee for example is one that has an app you can use to find shops.

58. Do children’s birthday parties

59. Do singing telegrams.

60. Offer local experiences to travelers and locals on airbnb experiences.

61. Go to people’s homes and do in home organization.

62. Working at expos and fairs for a chiropractor, doctor, or other professional who needs part-time help on the

Miscellaneous In Home Ideas

63. Find free items on craigslist, or local classifieds and resell them. (This one isn’t something many people think of but it can work really well if you put forth the time and effort to do it. Make sure to only accept free items you know you can resell.)

64. In home daycare or babysitting- why not watch 1-2 other special needs children? Or non-special needs Children?

65. Book or other manuscript editing

66. Accounting or Bookkeeping

67. Tax Returns- Obviously you need some training to be able to do this one.

68. Draw pictures and sell them. If you are a good enough artist, this could work.

69. Cook meals or desserts for people. (need a cottage kitchen license to do this).

70. Find a remote job. Search http://remote.co

71. Teach classes on topics you are knoweldgable about and charge a small fee, $25-$50 per person

72. Wedding planning- similar to party planning, many people don’t want to do this themselves.

73. Rent out your spare bedroom as an airbnb. This could work well especially if you market it as a way for special needs families to have a place to stay with another family who can relate well to them.

74. Decorate birthday cakes for birthday parties

75. Create one or more recipe books and sell them.

76. Sewing clothes for people or dolls.

77. Teach music lessons

78. Cut hair

79. Do manicures and pedicures

80. In home massage therapy. (Obviously you would need to have a license for this one.)

81. Teach yoga or other exercise classes

82. Do laundry and ironing for other people. They would drop off their clothes and you would wash them and iron them. Research how much local dry cleaners charge for ideas about how much you could charge. If you live in a more affluent area, this could work quite well.

83. Grow a garden and sell the vegetables and flowers

84. Grow your own herbs, dry them and sell them for teas and cooking

85. Do makeup for weddings and special events

86. Make bath salts and bath bombs. Here is a great ebook on how to do this. Bath Bombs: Fizzy World Of Bath Bombs – Amazing Recipes To Create Beautiful And Creative Bath Bombs (Organic Body Care Recipes, Homemade Beauty Products, Bath Teas Book 2)

87. Make quiet books for children to use during church and at doctor’s appointments.

88. Make sensory activity kits for other children with autism and sensory challenges. Check out this pin on my pinterest for some ideas of the kinds of things you could put into these kits.

89. Make chore charts for kids and sell them.

90. Create educational worksheets and activities and sell them on a site like tes.com

91. Get certified in ABA, Floor time or other therapies and offer the therapy in your own home. (One of the more complicated ones but if you can get the certification, it could be quite profitable.)

92. Make and sew aprons or bibs for adults and children.

93. Music Lessons

94. In home computer repair. People could drop off their computers and you could fix them. Obviously you would need to know how. If you have a handy tech savvy husband or partner, this could be one that he could help you with.

95. In home pre-school- why not do a special needs pre-school with a few other children and charge for it?

96. Pet sitting

97. Make and sell emergency prep kits- This one could get costly upfront but you could figure out what to include and at how much and get people to pay you for the supplies first.

98. Make baby blankets

99. Make and sell hair bows and ribbons

100. Make and sell homemade play dough. This is often much better than the store bought kind.

101. Create photo books and scrapbooks for people. You can use a variety of online platforms. Many people have the photos, they just don’t have the time.

For nearly all of these you can search craigslist, local classifieds and care.com for potential clients. You can also ask on facebook or search local classifieds groups on facebook. Many of the products can also be sold on the weekends at flea markets, church boutiques and other similar events.

Which side hustle idea or side hustle ideas from this list do you plan to try?

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