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Questions to Ask Before Starting to Work From Home as a Special Needs Mom

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Are you looking to work from home as a special needs mom? If so you are not alone. Many if not most special needs moms dream of being able to work from home and in some cases you may have to if you are going to work at all. That said, actually finding the perfect opportunity to work from home as a special needs mom can be challenging. I wrote a post recently on 101 Side Hustle Ideas for Special Needs Moms, however, before you decide what to do for work from home there are some questions you should answer and get the answers to.

1. What am I really looking for? Before starting to work from home as a special needs mom, you really need to get crystal clear on what you are really looking for. For example, are you looking for a company to hire you to work from home on a full time basis? or would you prefer to start your own home based business? or do you want to find freelance work?

2. Do I have any money to invest? If so, how much? While you can find a work from home job that you won’t need to spend any money in order to get started and there are some businesses you can start for next to nothing, many of the best options for working from home, will require some financial investment.

3. What are my passions and interests? If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, you won’t be able to continue doing it. This is especially true when you have a special needs child you need to take care of.

4. How much income am I looking for? You really want to know how much income you need and want. This will help determine what kind of work from home you do.

5. How much time can I commit to and what days of the week? Having a special needs child, means that you may not be able to work at certain hours or on certain days so know when you can and can’t work. Even though you are working from home you are still working.

6. Is it possible for me to leave the house at all? If so, when? While many things that you can do while working from home with a special needs child won’t require you to leave the house, some things may require you to leave the house at least periodically.

7. Who do I have who can help me? This is important in many aspects. First, know who can help you babysit or care for your child while you work. Who can help you get started? Who can be a mentor or coach for you? Who can help you when you get stuck and need help or just need a break from working.

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