10 Secrets of Abundant Health

abundant health
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Do you have abundant health? If not, or if you think you could use some improvement in the area of your health, then keep reading. I truly believe that everyone can have abundant health even though it may be more difficult for some people. In fact, if you are doubting this, read my blog post on my other blog about My Journey to Overcome Challenges with Allergies.

That said, let’s get talking about how to have abundant health or how to at least increase your odds of having abundant health most of the time.

  1. Practice the law of the harvest with your health. You reap what you sow. For example, if you are always feeding your body with sugar, soda and processed foods, you may not be sick immediately but you will eventually sow seeds of poor health. On the other hand if you are always feeing your body with vegetables, lean meats and proteins and healthy fats, you will sow seeds of good health.
  2. Small actions bring big results. This is similar to number one but you get the idea. If you take small actions daily like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and avoiding sugar, you will be healthier.
  3. Think positively about your health. How you think about your health can impact it. If you expect to feel good, then usually you will. If you expect to feel bad, then that will probably be the case as well.
  4. Limit stress. Stress is the number one cause of a lot of illnesses. While you can’t avoid stress all the time, you must do what you can to reduce it.
  5. Reduce sugar. Yes I know. You’ve already heard this but you are hearing it again. I’ve heard sugar referred to as the white death and they aren’t kidding. Sugar fuels flus, and colds and feeds cancer and other illnesses.
  6. Eat at least 5 vegetables per day. Yes this may seem like a lot but vegetables should make up at least 60% of your diet. My favorite way to make this work is by drinking green smoothies.
  7. Take time for meditation, prayer and relaxation. Yes these really are a must for abundant health. Take the time for these and your health and life will improve in a big way.
  8. Only use antibiotics and other drugs when absolutely necessary. We live in a world where most people are using antibiotics too much. While it’s almost impossible to avoid them 100% of the time, you can make them a rare thing. I actually went 23 years without using antibiotics so I know it can be done.
  9. Eat a well balanced diet. Just like some of the others, it comes down to what you eat. Eat well and balanced and abundant health will be yours for a much longer time than if you don’t.
  10. Avoid too much fast food. Yes I know it’s easier and can be very tempting to eat out and eat fast food but it really is a must that you limit it and even avoid it if at all possible. 95% of fast food really isn’t good for you and will contribute to weight gain and other health issues over the long term.
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