5 less common essential oils you’ve never heard of but should use

less common essential oils
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You’ve probably heard of essential oils like peppermint, orange, lavender, tea tree, and clove but what about less common essential oils you’ve never heard of. If you were to count all of the essential oils that exist there are hundreds of them. However, some essential oils are less common and many people have never heard of them. That said, just because an essential oil is less common doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it.

Here are 5 of my favorite less common essential oils:

  1. Ravinstara- This essential oil is often used to help support the respiratory system and is usually included in blends such as Doterra’s breathe. It can also be used to help boost your immune system during the winter season or if you have been around others who are sick. Chemically and smell wise, it is similar to eucalyptus and camphor. A few common uses would be to use a few drops in a diffuser, add a few drops to epsom salt in a bath, or make a home made hand sanitizer.
  2. Pink Pepper- most people have heard of black pepper as a spice which is also an essential oils, however, pink pepper comes from Kenya and is a lot less well known. That said, it is great for respiratory health. I’ve used it with peppermint to help open up my sinuses and airways. I don’t love the smell but I do love how I feel after I use it.
  3. Douglas Fir- This unique essential oil is only available from Doterra and was created to help the environment but using up Douglas Fir trees that were being wasted. That said, I love the smell. It smells so clean and fresh, a lot like a Christmas tree. If I had to choose one of the less common essential oils as my favorite, this one would be it. It also helps with opening up lungs and sinuses.
  4. Black Spruce- This is a great essential oil for grounding. This day and age too many of us don’t spend enough time outside and we are exposed to radiation and EMFS from electronics and black spruce can help release these. It can also help emotionally to improve a feeling of being balanced and grounded.
  5. Star Anise- This essential oil is similar to licorice yet different. It works really well to strengthen and align female energy and help with female hormone balancing. It also a good essential oil for boosting energy and creating a feeling of being balanced.

Which less common essential oil is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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