The Adrenal Fatigue Solution

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Do you have adrenal fatigue? The reality is that adrenal fatigue is a serious condition that can cause major problems and can be the root cause of many other health issues. Yet, it is often not diagnosed, or under diagnosed in many people for years. I had it for I don’t know how long, until I was diagnosed by my chiropractor/acupuncturist and now that I’m finally getting help I’m on the road to recovery and getting my health back. In the book The Adrenal Fatigue Solution. Fawne Hansen offers a comprehensive look at adrenal fatigue. She covers what it is? How to get tested for it, what can cause it, the various phases of it, tips to manage and eliminate it and an overview of the supplements and therapies that can help.

At over 130 pages this book is very complete and very useful. Even though I’ve been healing from adrenal fatigue myself for about a year and a half now, I learned several new things by reading this book. If you are tired more than you think you should be, you are struggling with weight or thyroid issues, or you have unexplained dizziness that has already been ruled out by other causes, I highly encourage you to check out this book and then find a health care provider to test you for adrenal fatigue.

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