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The 10 Best Essential Oils You Can Buy — And Exactly How to Use Them

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Have you been wondering what the best essential oils are and how to use them? If so, keep reading. I’ll share with you what I think are the ten best essential oils and how to use them. You want to also keep in mind that these are also ten of the best essential oils according to many books on essential oils and aromatherapists. In fact, if you can’t buy every essential oil, then these ten are the ones I would buy.

  1. Lemon- This classic essential oil is great for any kind of cleaning and detoxing. Some of my favorite ways to use lemon essential oil include: putting 1 drop down the disposal to remove unpleasant odors, putting a drop on a wet cloth to remove ink from walls or furniture, or making homemade cleaners with lemon and drinking a glass of water with 1 drop of lemon essential oil. In short, lemon is the best for cleaning, cleansing and detoxing.
  2. Peppermint- this must have essential oil is great for digestive support, clearing your sinuses, energizing your body when you are feeling the afternoon drag, supporting your respiratory system or creating healthy mouth washes to support dental health. A few of my favorite ways to use peppermint essential oil include: rubbing a drop under my sinuses to clear them, rubbing a few drops on my wrist and or chest and inhales for an immediate energy boost, rubbing 1 drop or drinking water with 1 drop to help with temporary digestive discomfort, or putting a few drops in a diffuser.
  3. Clove- this essential oil is great for your dental health. You can use it to help improve the health of your gums or to make a natural mouth wash. It also has very high antioxidant properties and can help support your immune system. To use it I like to rub one drop on my gums or to mix it with coconut oil and swish it. I sometimes will also dilute it with coconut oil and rub it on the bottoms of my feet. Clove essential oil is a hot oil so you never ever want to use it undiluted.
  4. Lavender- This classic essential oil is best known for it’s ability to create feelings of calm. You can use it to calm yourself down, to improve your sleep, or to help with common skin irritations. For example, this morning I found a random red spot on my skin that I have no idea where it came from so I put a little bit of lavender on it to help soothe it. I also like to diffuse peppermint and lavender together. For sleep it works well to rub a few drops on your feet or to mix a few drops in a water bottle and spritz in on your pillow.
  5. Tea Tree or Melaleuca is known for being a great essential oil to help with minor skin irritations and for promoting healthy immune function. I like to dilute it and use it on the bottoms of feet or to apply it to any place I see a minor skin problem. It is also a great essential oil to add to face lotion or other skin care products. You will also find tree tree essential oil as a common ingredient in shampoo, conditioner and body washes.
  6. Oregano- warning oregano essential oil is a very hot oil and must be diluted first. You can actually even burn yourself if you don’t dilute it. It also should not be used with children under the age of 6. Oregano is really good for enhancing your immune system. I almost always use it diluted on the bottoms of my feet. You can of course, use it in a diffuser but I don’t do that.
  7. Wild Orange- This is another classic essential oil that is great for a lot of things. One of my favorite ways is to combine it with peppermint and inhale it for an energy boost. You can also smell it alone or add one drop in water and drink it. You can also diffuse it for cleansing and to create feelings of increased happiness. Just like lemon it is also great for creating your own cleaning products. I also like to add it to an unscented hand or body lotion.
  8. Frankincense- this is the king of essential oils and has a lot of uses. Just like many others it is also great for immune health, however, it is also amazing for skin care, and for helping with anti-aging.
  9. Eucalyptus- this is the best essential oil for clearing sinuses and helping with clear breathing. There is a reason that many spas have a eucalyptus steam room. This is my favorite way to use it. If you can’t go to steam room, you can create a similar effect by either putting 1-2 drops in a warm/hot water bath and inhaling the fumes, or you can put 1-2 drops in a mug of hot water and inhale the fumes.
  10. Rose- this is the queen of essential oils or one of them anyway. It is also the most expensive essential oil. Rose is very powerful for your emotional wellness. It has been said that one drop of rose essential oil can help with the emotional wellbeing of everyone in the room. Because it is so expensive I don’t use it a lot but when I do, I like to use it diluted over the heart area or on my wrists. It smells amazing when diffused as well.

Which one of these ten best essential oils is your favorite? Comment below and share with me.

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