My Favorite Gluten Free Salmon Recipes

gluten free salmon recipes
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Do you like eating salmon? I know salmon is my favorite fish and I love to cook it and enjoy it. So here are five of my favorite gluten free salmon recipes for you to enjoy. 

  1. Grilled salmon with asparagus and mashed potatoes. I like to use a grill to grill the salmon just like you would with chicken, beef or other meat. You can also grill the asparagus if you want or you can just cook it in a pan on the stove. You can prepare the mashed potatoes regular or you can use just some olive oil, or coconut or almond milk instead of dairy milk if you need to be dairy free as well as gluten free. I also like to put a squeeze of lemon on the salmon. 
  2. Baked salmon with green beans and wild rice. For this recipe I bake the salmon in the oven and cook the green beans and wild rice like you would normally. Then you can add some olive oil drizzled or butter on top of all three things.
  3. Baked or cooked salmon with coconut aminos. The least expensive place to buy coconut aminos is from Thrive Market. I like to cook the salmon until it is about 3/4 done and then drizzle it with the coconut aminos and finish cooking. You can then serve it with any kind of green vegetable or green vegetables, although my favorites for this gluten free salmon recipe is broccoli, cabbage or green beans.
  4. Salmon with herbes to provence. This herb blend comes from Southern France and contains thyme, rosemary and a few other herbs. The easiest way to cook with salmon with this herb blend is on the stove in a pan since it can get quite messy. You cann purchase herbes de provence in lots of places including Amazon. 
    Frontier Herbes De Provence, 0.85-Ounce Bottle
    Then I like to drizzle the salmon with olive oil and serve with red potatoes and Brussel Sprouts.
  5. Grilled salmon with cabbage. For this one I grill the salmon just like with gluten free salmon recipe number 1 and then cook cabbage separately and serve them together. This one also tastes better with a bit of lemon and either some potatoes or brown rice. 
Which one of these gluten free salmon recipes sounds the best to you? Let me know in the comments below. 

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