What do you think 6 months of health coaching is worth?

health coaching
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health coaching

Have you ever hired a health coach? If not, what do you think 6 months of health coaching is worth? Health coaching is a relatively new concept and one that many people are still just learning about. I wrote about 10 Reasons to Hire a Health Coach in this post and I would like to expand on that by asking you to think about the real value of 6 months of health coaching.

Here are some concepts to think about:

1. The actual cost of hiring a health coach depends on who you hire. For me personally I’m still building my practice and so I charge between $150-$250 per month and on an hourly basis it costs about the same as a massage, acupuncture, chiropractic or spa treatment. For more experienced health coaches and those who specialize in some higher level things you can expect to pay up to $400 per month. So for 6 months you will be paying between $900-$2,400, however this is only the cost in money. There are many more things to think about in terms of what it is worth for you to hire a health coach.

2. We live in the information age. There is virtually an unlimited amount of information about how to make improvements to your health available. However, how much of that information have you actually put into practice? If you are like the average person probably very little. Hiring a health coach for 6 months can help you actually put that information to use and hold you accountable to help you reach your health goals.

3. Do you want to eat healthier and know that you should? Do you need to give up gluten? Dairy? Or another food or maybe foods and yet you’ve tried and haven’t succeeded or you are spending too much time and money trying? I specialize in this and hiring me for 6 months as your health coach can help you actually do this. I’ve found that most people save money by hiring a health coach because even though you have to pay me, you will save money on food, gas, eating out, medical expenses and more.

4. How often do you go to the doctors’ now? If you are like most people it is more frequently than you would like. People who invest in 6 months of health coaching go to the doctors a lot less frequently. Here is an article that explains how that is possible. Health coaches help patients battle chronic illness

5. Have you ever bought a membership to a gym and then not used it? If you are like more than half of adults, you’ve probably done this at least once. The average gym membership costs about $50 a month and if you hire a personal trainer it’s going to cost even more and you may not may not even use it. The only way to waste money on health coaching is to not show up for your appointments.

6. How much money are you spending on supplements, herbs, essential oils, drugs both prescription and over the counter? If it’s more than $50 per month then health coaching can help you reduce these costs by improving your health and helping you to figure out where you may be using these things unnecessarily and in the case of prescription drugs you can notify your doctor about what you are doing and in most cases you may be able to use less.

7. How much would it cost you to have one major illness or surgery? Even if you have very good health insurance it will probably be at least $2,000. What if health coaching helped you avoid this cost? Furthermore, consider the time saved and the pain avoided?

Hopefully after reading this post you are starting to understand the value that 6 months of health coaching can provide to you and your current and future health and wellness. Want to chat for free to see how I can help you?

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