How to Make Healthier Lemonade

healthier lemonade
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It’s summer and who doesn’t love a nice cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day? I know I sure do. It’s been at least 90 degrees every day for the past two weeks and lemonade tastes so good and refreshing with the heat. However, regular lemonade is full of sugar and not healthy. So how do you make some healthier lemonade that is of course gluten free and dairy free but also has little to no sugar, yet still has a sweet taste that you and your kids will want to drink.

Here are some tips for making a healthier lemonade that is still delicious.

1. Use real lemons or lemon juice. While many store bought lemonades are made with real lemons the amount of real lemon in it, is minimal.

2. Use filtered pure water rather than tap water or bottled water.

3. Instead of white sugar use either a small amount of cane sugar or stevia as a sweeter for your healthier lemonade. I recommend 2-3 drops of stevia per 8 oz glass or 1/4 teaspoon of cane sugar.

You start by mixing either the juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon, or 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice into 8-10 oz. of water. Then you add the cane sugar or stevia as mentioned above. You can then drink as is, or you can add in a couple of ice cubes. Another variation is to use 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil instead of the lemon juice or lemon. For this you must make sure that you are using a brand of essential oils that is food grade and safe for internal use. If you aren’t sure what to use, then contact me and I’ll help you. If you want to try something a bit different for flavor you can also add 1 drop of wild orange or lavender essential oils to your already prepared healthier lemonade.

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