My Experience with the ALCAT Food Allergies Test

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So while I’ve known for years that I probably am allergic to wheat and gluten and milk, I wasn’t totally sure until this past Thursday when I got back the results from my ALCAT food allergies test. This is the most comprehensive food allergies test available. You have to find a medical doctor who offers the test as a part of their practice. You get a physical and complete a questionnaire, the lab draws four vials of blood and then it takes about 2 weeks to get the results back. When the results come back, you go to your doctor for an explanation. You then can also talk to the lab on the phone for half an hour and ask questions. I haven’t talked to the lab yet as my appointment isn’t until April 17th. You are given a meal rotation plan, an instruction booklet and a list of your food and chemical allergies and sensitivities. They are rated severe, moderate and mild. For the severe allergies you can’t have any for at least 6 months and really forever. For the moderate things you have to avoid them completely for 3-6 months and for the mild things you are supposed to eat them on a once every 4 days rotation.

For me, yes it was confirmed that I am severely allergic to wheat and gluten and therefore do have to eat gluten free. I also have a moderate allergy to whey and therefore should avoid drinking cows and goat’s milk which I already do anyway. I thought I might be allergic to corn, but in fact I am not. Thank goodness because corn is in a ton of foods including many that are not “corn” products per say. Corn is also used in place of wheat in many gluten free products and so having to be both gluten free and corn free would be a major pain.

I also found out that I am severely allergic to asparagus. This was a shock as I really like it and have eaten a lot of it but now I think it makes sense as I have had hives and been quite sick and now I know why. I’m also severely allergic to few other random things that I never eat such as Brazil nuts and black currants. I don’t know when if ever I’ve eaten those. The moderate allergies list was a bit of a shock as well as I am moderately allergic to avocados, bell peppers, blueberries, salmon and almonds. Yikes I don’t know how I am going to go 3 months or more without an avocado as those are my favorite foods but oh well it will be worth it to have overall better health. There are other things I’m allergic to but these are the biggies since these are the things I’ve been eating on a regular basis.

While I’m still adjusting to the realities of having to live without or on a very limited basis with these foods, I have to say that at least I’m glad I now know what I am allergic to and I don’t have to guess anymore. I highly recommend that you get this test if you are wondering about your allergies. I found that most family doctors don’t offer it though. You can probably find a provider in your area by Googling it. The provider I used is an integrative medicine doctor who works at the same clinic with acupuncturists and chiropractors. I went to East- West Health in downtown Salt Lake City for anyone who is local to me, who is wondering.

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