Lemon Vs Lemongrass

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lemon vs lemongrass

While lemon and lemongrass both have the word “lemon” in it they are not the same at all. In fact, I find it somewhat funny and interesting that people even ask this question. But I have been asked it more than once, so I thought I would write this blog post. In summary here are some of the similarities and differences between lemon and lemongrass.


Comes from the rind of the lemon
Is a citrus oil
Is used in cleaning, cleansing and detoxing as the primary usages
Has a bitter sour taste

Is steam distilled from the lemongrass plant
Is a plant and not a fruit
Has some of the same properties of a citrus fruit but is not considered a citrus fruit
Can help with the lowering of blood pressure and the balancing of the thyroid
Can help with muscle spasms
Can help repel bugs and mosquitos
Has a spicer taste rather than a sour taste

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