How to prepare a week’s worth of gluten free and healthy meals in under 2 hours

gluten free meals
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One of the biggest problems that many people who are on a gluten free diet experience is that they feel like it can take too long to cook. However, from my experience there are ways to minimize cooking and avoid spending forever in your kitchen cooking your gluten free and healthy meals.

So here are some tips to help you prepare a week’s worth of gluten free and healthy meals in under 2 hours:

1. Use a rice cooker to cook a full batch of brown rice and a full batch of quinoa. It will take you the full 2 hours to cook both so you will need to cook one first and then put the grains into a tupperware container or containers and then rinse out the cooker to prepare the other one.

2. Get out all the vegetables you will need and put them out on your counter. Then wash and chop them all with a slicer tool. You will use a frying pan to saute them all while the rice and quinoa are cooking. If you really want to save even more time you can use frozen vegetables that are already chopped, however, these are not as good for you, so I recommend fresh vegetables.

3. Hard boil a dozen eggs in another pan so you will have them to grab and go for a snack or for breakfast.

4. Wash and prepare 5-7 servings of kale, spinach or other greens and place each serving in a plastic baggie. Add 1 banana and a serving of strawberries, blackberries, oranges, blueberries, raspberries or other fruit to each baggie and freeze to make it faster for you to prepare your green smoothies throughout the week.

5. Prepare 5-7 baggies of nuts, dates, dried fruits, gluten free crackers or other snacks to have on hand.

6. Saute 1 large package of chicken and or fish.

7. Add the chicken and fish to equal amounts of the sauted veggies and store them in tupperware containers for eating throughout the week.

8. Keep a few bags of salad on hand along with some canned olives, tomatoes and canned tuna or other fish as well as olive oil and humus to make quick salads.

There you go. A weeks’ worth of gluten free and healthy meals prepared or ready to go in under 2 hours.

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