How to Eat Gluten Free Without Going Broke

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Many people find that they get a lot of relief from their allergy symptoms and other health problems by going gluten free. However, actually doing it is easier said than done. Not only that but if you price the cost of the gluten free products you find at the grocery story you will usually notice that they are at least double if not triple the cost. So how do you eat gluten free without going broke?

Here are some ways that I have found to eat gluten free and still have money left for your other expenses.

1. Eat only fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. While this is not the most practical, it is the most obvious way to eat only gluten free.

2. Read the labels of everything that is not listen in number one and avoid eating anything that says it has gluten in it.

3. Many of the companies who make gluten free food offer coupons and discounted offers on their website. Check these out before purchasing any gluten free food.

4. Attend the gluten free expo that is held in many large cities in the U.S. each year. There you can find recipe books and get a lot of ideas and sample gluten free food for free.

5. Consider raw cooking. Raw cooking is naturally gluten free and there are cooks, cookbooks and other places where you can learn about it.

6. Explore gluten free blogs and magazines. One really great one is the magazine Living Without.

What other ideas do you have about how to eat gluten free without going broke?

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2 thoughts on “How to Eat Gluten Free Without Going Broke”

  1. Janet says:

    The best way to save money on gluten free food is to make it from scratch. For instance, the ingredients in gluten free pancakes are cheaper than gluten free pancake mix. And you don’t have to worry about “hidden ingredients”. Food producers do not have to disclaim that gluten is in a product in small quantity. I’m not talking about the micro traces that could be pick up in manufacturing a product in the same machine that a product with gluten was manufactured. This is a problem for some but beyond this manufactures can specifically add trace amounts of all but 7 (regulated) ingredients without disclaiming it so long as the amount in a single serving can mathematically be rounded to 0 instead of up to one. If a serving finitely contains .4g of gluten per serving, it is mathematically rounded to 0 instead of 1 when reporting in whole numbers (as required be the food labeling laws). Also, manufacturers can specify any amount as a serving size as to distort the amount of ingredients (for example specifying a single small cookie as a serving size despite that no one would eat just one cookie for a serving).

    When you buy whole ingredients there is much less likelihood for it to be anything but what it is.

    1. annalaurab says:

      Thanks Janet for such an informative comment.

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