How I’m using Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

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Do you use meditation and mindfulness apps? If not, you really should start. I wrote another blog post a few weeks ago about how meditation has helped me in my healing journey, however, in today’s post, I wanted to expand on how specifically I use meditation and mindfulness apps and more specifically which ones I have tried and which ones I have found helpful.

The first meditation and mindfulness app that I have started using on a regular basis is called Insight Timer. I wasn’t even aware this one existed until a few weeks ago when I asked on facebook for people to tell me what meditation apps they use and this one was mentioned by at least 15 people. The number one thing I like about this one is that you can choose how you are feeling at the moment and then access a meditation based on that feeling. I also like that it has a wide variety of free content. In fact, I still haven’t had to pay yet and I’m on the fence about whether or not I ever will pay. I’ve found that too many of the meditation and mindfulness apps have such limited free features, that you have to pay in order to really get anything out of them and then you don’t really know if paying is worth it. Also the cost for some of them is quite high in my opinion.

A few of the others I have tried include:

Balance: This is a fairly new one I just tried for the first time two weeks ago. This is a comprehensive meditation and mindfulness app that includes even meditations for helping you fall and stay asleep, waking up, breaking habits and more.

Calm: While I enjoyed this one, I quit using it because I felt it was too limited without having to pay for it.

Fireplace HD: Not really a meditation or mindfulness app but rather an app that displays a fireplace with a roaring fire and music to allow you to enjoy the ambiance of a fire in a fireplace without actually having one. This app offers 5 free sessions before you have to pay and using AI to focus on giving you more custom meditations. One of the better paid ones from the research I’ve done, although I haven’t paid for it yet.

Affirmations: an app that displays different affirmations and allows you to create and record your own for future playback. I think this one is free only. At least I haven’t found a way to get a paid version of this one.

What mediation and mindfulness apps have you used? Do you have a favorite I didn’t include on this list? Share it with me in the comments below.

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