Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils

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essential oils vs fragrance oils

Do you know the differences between essential oils and fragrance oils? Many people don’t and not knowing the difference can be a huge reason why many people think they are allergic to essential oils or why people don’t want to try them. It always surprises me when I am doing a boutique or fair and people think I am selling perfume. Yes, essential oils smell good, but I am not selling perfume and if you are reading this blog then you have probably already figured that out. In fact, most fragrance oils increase my allergies as they do with many people.

That said, here are some of the main differences between essential oils vs fragrance oils.

1. Fragrance oils may have a small number of essential oils in them but they are not made exclusively of essential oils.

2. Fragrance oils have synthetics and additional chemicals added to them. This makes them missing in the natural properties that essential oils have.

3. Essential oils when extracted properly and when of a high therapeutic grade are pure, natural and organic.

4. Essential oils can be used for a variety of health and wellness uses whereas fragrance oils are used only for the smell.

5. Essential oils can help you manage and control seasonal threats whereas fragrance oils can make them worse.

6. Essential oils that are certified pure can be used internally whereas you would never drink fragrance oils.

7. Fragrance oils usually cost less whereas essential oils usually cost more.

8. Essential oils are extracted directly from the plants, flowers, and trees whereas fragrance oils are not.

9. Fragrance oils often have alcohol added to them whereas essential oils should be alcohol-free.

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