How to Improve Your Mood Instantly

improve your mood instantly
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Do you struggle with mood swings? Keep reading to learn about various ways to improve your mood instantly.

  1. Recognize what is causing your bad mood- you can’t improve your mood if you don’t know what is causing your bad mood. Most of the time you will know what is causing it but if you are a normal person sometimes you might not. In those situations you will need to go over in your mind what you think the reason is.

2. Count to 10. I’me sure you’ve heard it said to count to 10 before saying anything you will later regret, but doing this before reacting due to a bad mood is also a great idea.

3. What can you do to change it? In some cases you may be able to change how others are behaving. In other cases it may be only you who can change it. Recognize which one it is and then take action accordingly.

4. Chocolate- I know it’s rather cliche but it’s true that chocolate can be used to change your mood. However, you want to be careful to avoid eating too much chocolate. If you are careful about the amount though there is no harm in using chocolate to change your mood.

5. Essential Oils- These are powerful and often underused and can work very well to change your mood instantly. I like to use emotional wellness blends such as cheer, motivate, passion and balance. You can either rub a few drops on your wrists and inhale the smell, or put a few drops with water in a diffuser.

6. Music- Another powerful method that can be used to improve your mood instantly. I find it helpful to keep a playlist of my favorite mood uplifting songs ready at any moment to turn on. For some people it can help even more to also dance around to the music.

7. Take a break- Sometimes this really is the best way to stop a bad mood instantly. Even if that break is only for 5 minutes or so. Usually after taking a break you will come back to the situation renewed and with a different attitude.

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