5 Delicious Summer Squash Recipes

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Do you have an over abundance of summer squash laying around either from your garden or from others who have given it to you? I know I sure do. I love eating summer squash, however, sometimes trying to find different summer squash recipes that allow me to enjoy it without getting sick of it, can be difficult. That said, I’ve found five really delicious summer squash recipes that allow you to use it up and still have a variety and delicious healthy recipes.

  1. Stuffed Zucchini- There are endless options here. Recently my sister and I had a very large zucchini (so large it was almost the size of our 11 month old niece), that we were trying to use up. We made a mixture of cooked chicken, white rice, canned black beans, sliced onion and green pepper and a mix of spices and put it into the zucchini and baked it. It was really yummy. You could also use quinoa, or do tomatoes and chicken just to give you a few other ideas.
  2. Zucchini Bread- There are endless variations. Since I’m gluten free I have to use gluten free flour for this summer squash recipe. Last week I made some using quinoa flour and while it turned out fine, it was more like a bread as it wasn’t sweet at all. If you can I’d recommend using something like Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour, or almond flour or brown rice flour would work well. Next time I plan to try a mix rather than straight quinoa flour.
  3. Zucchini Soup- There are lots of variations on this but the basic idea is that you cook the zucchini and blend it with butter or olive oil and coconut or almond milk and spices.
  4. Zucchini Stir Fry- You can make different various of this to create several different summer squash recipes but my favorite is this: saute onion, zucchini, mushrooms and chicken in olive oil, then serve with some brown rice or red potatoes.
  5. Zoodles- This is where you use a zoodle machine to make noodles out of zucchini. You can then use them to make spaghetti, or any other recipe you like where you would normally use other noodles.

The Ultimate Guide to Elimination Diets

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Have you ever wondered if you should try an elimination diet to help improve your digestion and overall health? If so, keep reading because this ultimate elimination diets guide will help you with understanding all aspects of elimination diets. I’ve done them a few times in my life and have helped others do them as a part of my health coaching and I’d love to help you with it too.

What is an elimination diet?

This is the first question that needs to be answered in case you don’t already know what one is. An elimination diet is the process of eliminating one or more foods or categories of foods from your diet for a short period of time in order to figure out if certain foods are causing various health challenges. Usually an elimination diet is something you do for about 2-3 weeks per food or category of foods and then you move on to something else.

Why Elimination Diets Don’t Work

While an elimination diet can work really well for some people, they don’t work for everyone. The most common reasons why they don’t work include:

Trying to eliminate too many foods at once

Not having support and accountability

Not meal planning ahead of time

Not having a strong enough why and motivation for doing it.

This post goes into more details about the mistakes people usually make with elimination diets.

How to Create an Elimination Diet Plan

Creating an elimination diet plan requires you to do many of the same things you need to do when creating a gluten free meal plan or any other kind of meal plan. You need to plan in advance and avoid last minute I don’t know what to eat for dinner situations.

How to use a Food Journal for a Successful Elimination Diet

While you could try and make the situation more complicated, the reality is that using a food journal for a successful elimination diet, is just like using a food journal anytime. You need to right down everything you eat and drink and when you eat and drink it.

Elimination Diet Books

There are a variety of elimination diet books that can help. However, there are only a few I really recommend.

How a Health Coach Can Help with an Elimination Diet

Hiring a health coach can be the difference between succeeding with an elimination diet or not for some people. Elimination diets require a lot of work, determination and motivation as well as will power and not everyone can do one on their own. I’m more than happy to help you with one if you are interested.

Reasons to do an Elimination Diet

Why would you do an elimination diet? The main reasons people do them are because they have allergies and or food sensitivities they haven’t been able to identify through any other means, or they have digestive issues and want to figure out what they need to remove from their diet to solve them.

Have questions about elimination diets? Leave them in the comments below. I’m also happy to do a call with you to discuss how I can help you succeed with an elimination diet.

5 Ingredient Simple Healthy Gluten Free Meals

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Do you find that too many healthy gluten free meals contain large numbers of ingredients? I’ve found this is a common problem and to make it even worse many of these recipes have ingredients that are hard to find or that you don’t use that often.

So here are some of my favorite simple healthy gluten free meals that don’t require more than five ingredients.

I’ve found that by creating your meals around a base of a few main ingredients, there are endless combinations you can create. It also helps to learn how to use spices when cooking.

Here are my favorite ingredients to keep on hand for creating endless tasty simple healthy gluten free meals:


Brown rice pasta

A selection of green veggies including broccoli, spinach, beet greens, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, zucchini, green beans etc.


Turkey Burgers



Onion (both yellow and red)

Frozen Fish- I usually keep some salmon and talapia but other kinds can work too

Canned tuna




Red potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Olive Oil

Red and green peppers

The very best 5 ingredient simple healthy gluten free meals are some kind of vegetable stir fry with the option to add in chicken, turkey, or fish. You can also add in potatoes or brown rice pasta.

There are also a lot of crockpot soups that usually have about 5 ingredients.

There are also lots of ways to make quinoa salads. I like to use quinoa with olive oil and either tuna or chicken and then add in some red onions and either red or green peppers and 1-3 green vegetables such as green peas, or green beans or broccoli, or spinach.

If you think in terms of vegetable plus protein plus carb and combine 3-5 different things then you can’t go wrong. Some combinations will taste better than others but you probably won’t find anything that doesn’t taste good.

What is your favorite simple healthy gluten free meal that has 5 ingredients or less?

Step by Step Ways to Get Started With Essential Oils

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Are you wondering how to get started with essential oils? Many people are so keep reading for some tips on step by step simple ways to get started with essential oils.

  1. Choose one essential oil to start using and learn everything you can about that one essential oil before moving on to another one. There are hundreds of essential oils and I find that too often people get overwhelmed by trying to learn about all the essential oils at once and therefore they fail to even get stared with essential oils. There are often so many ways to use each one, that you can easily take the first step of learning all you can about one such as peppermint or lavender.
  2. Start by using one of the more common essential oils that you have probably already heard about. Peppermint, lemon, orange, lavender and tea tree are some common ones to consider as your first essential oil experience.
  3. Start by diffusing essential oils. Learning how to use them for health issues can be way more complicated than diffusing. Diffusing essential oils is an easy way to get started. You can’t mess it up. There are endless combinations and you can really use 2-5 drops of any essential oil or essential oils you want in your diffuser.
  4. Get 1-2 good essential oil books to help you as a reference and educational tool.
  5. Find a coach or mentor to help. One of the advantages to buying essential oils from me is that I have offer comprehensive training on how to use them with online trainings, facebook classes, one on one wellness consultations and in person classes. (within a limited area.)
  6. Choose 1-2 uses for essential oils to start with. Instead of trying to change your entire life with essential oils, focus on one thing at a time such as improving your digestive system or getting better sleep.
  7. Know that using essential oils and understanding them is a journey you will be on for a lifetime.

The Ultimate Guide to Good Gut Health: Fixing a Leaky Gut

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What is a leaky gut?

A leaky gut is a term used in functional medicine and nutrition to describe what happens when your gut isn’t completely healthy and when you have gut issues that are effecting other aspects of your health such as autoimmune conditions.

How to you increase your gut health?

5 Steps to Better Gut Health– Start with this article that gives you some good steps to get started.

I’ve also found that for most people making healing your gut a priority is the best way to improve it. Start by thinking about and focusing on the impact that the food you eat, the water you drink, the products you put on your skin and so forth are having on your digestive health.

What are leaky gut symptoms?

There are a variety of symptoms with an autoimmune condition being the most common. You cannot have an autoimmune condition and not have leaky gut.

Here is an article that talks about more leaky gut symptoms.

What health problems are caused by leaky gut?

There are lots of them with allergies, digestive issues and autoimmune disorders being at the top of the list.

Here is a post to help you better understand if your allergies are being caused by leaky gut.

From my personal experience, I have to say that if in doubt, if your health problems are being caused by leaked gut, then just assume they are and working on getting and maintaining good gut health.

So what can you do to fix your gut and have good gut health?

The food you eat is the number one key.

Here are the best foods for gut health.

You also want to avoid the worst foods for gut health. These include things like gluten, dairy, GMO foods, processed foods, sugar, and sodas.

That said, making sure that you always eat the right foods for gut health can be easier said than done.

Here are some tips on how to create a meal plan to fix leaky gut. The basic concept behind it is to focus on eating mostly fruits and vegetables with some meats. You may or may not be able to handle seeds and nuts especially in the beginning. Grains should be completely avoided and you should also be getting plenty of probiotics. Most people will need to add in a probiotic supplement.

Another factor that can play a role in the health of your gut, is heavy metals and toxins. A lot of us have problems with these even if we aren’t aware that we have them. If you are worried about this and think it might be a big problem for you, you can ask your doctor to do a blood test for it. You might have to pay for it out of pocket though as a lot of insurance companies won’t cover it.

Here is some advice on how to do a gut health detox. You also want to make sure to go slowly if you have chronic problems and avoid trying to eliminate everything at once.

Be aware that most traditional medicine doctors will ignore the root of the problem and attempt to fix your problem with anti-acids and other drugs. This is the absolute worst thing you can do and can make an already leaky gut worse.

How to fix a leaky gut naturally.

If you need help working on this, I am more than happy to help. I have a lot of experience in this area. Book a wellness consult with me and let’s talk about how I can help you.