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Are you gluten free but still have symptoms?

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Are you gluten free but still have symptoms? This is a common problem that many people have been they go gluten free. They implement a gluten free lifestyle hoping to be symptom free but yet they still aren’t completely free of the symptoms they used to be experiencing before they went gluten free. If this is you, keep reading because I’m going to give you some tips and hints about what to do if you are gluten free but you still have symptoms.

1. Make sure you really are gluten free? Too often people think they are gluten free when in fact, they are 90% gluten free but they are still getting trace amounts of gluten in places they didn’t think had gluten or via cross contamination.
I offer a complete checklist when you join my email list at right, or below, but to summarize here are a few of the common places peoples still get gluten even after they think that they are gluten free. Gum, candy, medications, supplements, skin care, and products labeled as gluten free that really aren’t completely gluten free.

2. Take a look at cross contamination. Are you getting trace amounts of gluten via cross contamination? If you eat out a lot, or you cook your meals in the same kitchen and with the same dishes as 1 or more people who are not gluten free, then there is a very big chance that you are still getting some gluten. Figure out what you are do to change this.

3. You have a problem with what are known as cross reactors to gluten. While there are different for everyone, and you probably aren’t reacting to everything on this list, the common ones include: milk products, eggs, canola oil, corn, and sometimes rice and other grains as well.

4. Consider taking a high quality probiotic and digestive enzymes. These can help your digestive system and minimize the effects of any trace amounts of gluten that you may still be getting. If you need help choosing these, contact me. I have a brand that I use and sell and love that works really great for me.

5. Consider testing for additional food sensitivities that may be causing you problems and mimicking the symptoms of gluten sensitivity or intolerance. I recommend the ALCAT Test.

Try these things and you will probably see your symptoms improve? Overwhelmed and want help? Schedule your free wellness consultation with me today.


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