7 Deadly Sins of Food Allergies

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If you have food allergies then you are probably aware of the challenges that come with managing your food allergies. Depending upon what your food allergies are, it can be fairly easy to avoid the foods or it can be extremely difficult. Here are seven deadly sins of living with food allergies that I’ve discovered on my journey as a person with a lot of food allergies.

1. Thinking that just a little of that food that you are allergic to is okay. It isn’t. Especially if you have a severe allergy to it. Eating just a little of a food that is an allergen for you can set you back at least 6 weeks in your progress to ultimate health. This is true even if you seem to not feel any effects from eating the food.

2. Failure to read all labels of everything you eat or drink carefully. Food allergens can hide in all kinds of foods even if you think something doesn’t have it, it might.

3. Failing to look at the ingredients in supplements and skin care. These products often have gluten, nuts and other allergens in them so you need to read the labels carefully and maybe even ask the company that makes them if you aren’t sure.

4. Eating out at restaurants without double checking the menu and warning your server. In some cases, you may not be able to eat out at all. For me this is a big problem. I can’t have anything at 90% of restaurants due to my canola oil allergy. Nearly all food is cooked in this at resaturants even gluten free and dairy free food.

5. Trying to guess as to what your food allergies are. If you have food allergies you probably know that you have them but chances are good that you don’t know what all of them are and getting an accurate reading requires you to get help from a doctor who does food allergy testing. There is no feasible way you can do it all alone, so don’t try.

6. Failing to treat your food allergies as a serious threat to your health. They are and you need to treat them as such. A part of this goes back to number 1, making sure that you do not eat even a little of those foods to which you have a serious allergy but you also need to stick to any diet that your doctor gives you even if it’s really hard.

7. Not taking care of yourself by following the practices of good nutrition and good health. It does you no good to eat gluten free and or dairy free as well as to avoid other food allergens if you are eating junk. There is a lot of allergen free food available that is not good for you due to sugar, high carbs and other unhealthy ingredients.

What other mistakes have you noticed that people make with food allergies?

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