500 Best Quinoa Recipes

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Have you tried quinoa yet? If you are gluten free or allergic to wheat then quinoa is a must have. This amazing grain has high protein, tastes good and is as usable in recipes as rice and in some ways more. You can get quinoa in flakes, grains, or flour version. You can find lots of recipes on the Cooking with Quinoa blog. However, I also really like the book, 500 Best Quinoa Recipes: 100% Gluten-Free Super-Easy Superfood This book has more quinoa recipes than you could imagine eating in a lifetime. There is everything in this book from granola to cereal, to cookies, to dinner recipes with meat and veggies or vegetarian to salads, to dessert recipes, everything you need to know about cooking with and eating quinoa is in the amazing book. As you can imagine 500 Best Quinoa Recipes: 100% Gluten-Free Super-Easy Superfood is over 500 pages and many of these recipes sound so good, I can’t imagine eating wheat every again even if I wasn’t allergic and could eat it. The Quinoa 101 section at the beginning of the book has helpful hints and tips on how to cook quinoa, the different varieties of the grain, where to buy it and more to help you really understand how to cook with quinoa. This book is a must have in my opinion for anyone who is gluten free, or who just loves quinoa and wants to learn how to cook a variety of meals with this amazing grain.

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