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50 Ways to Live a More Peaceful Life

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Do you want to live a more peaceful life? Of course, you do. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to live a more peaceful life. Yet in today’s world of hussle and bussle and chaos that can be much easier said than done.

That said here are 50 ways to live a more peaceful life. Will all of these things work for you? Of course not. However, you can make at least some of them work for you and achieve the goal of living a more peaceful life.

  1. Forgive. People who have true peace, have learned how to forgive others.
  2. Relax more.
  3. Reduce stress.
  4. Make peace with your friends, family and anyone else with whom you have had any less than ideal conversations or situations.
  5. Use peace essential oil blend. This is a blend of essential oils specifically designed to help you have more peace in your life and to create feelings of peace.
  6. Pray.
  7. Meditate.
  8. Be a peacemaker.
  9. Avoid the news. It’s always full of stories that aren’t peaceful and can make you struggle to have more peace yourself.
  10. If you see a situation that you can help solve that will bring you more peace- then take action.
  11. Read quotes and scriptures about peace.
  12. Take a walk in nature.
  13. Read the Zen of Wellness Blog.
  14. Accept what you can’t change and work to change what  you can.
  15. Take a screen break for 1 day per week. I try to do Sundays except for maybe a few phone calls.
  16. Try yoga.
  17. Listen to classical music.
  18. Go somewhere peaceful like the mountains or a temple.
  19. Focus only on the positive and avoid the negative.
  20. Attend a live symphony or classical music concert.
  21. Look forward to the future.
  22. Eliminate negative people from your life to the extent possible.
  23. Identify the things that aren’t giving you peace and work to get rid of them.
  24. Get rid of the need to be perfect.
  25. Be grateful. If you live in the US or Canada or any other first world country you have a lot more peace than people in other parts of the world.
  26. Avoid worrying about what might happen.
  27. Learn to trust God in all things. Proverbs 3:4-5
  28. Work on increasing your faith.
  29. Accept that you won’t have perfect peace all the time.
  30. Use lavender, marjoram and other calming essential oils to help you relax and have more peace.
  31. Learn to recognize the difference between being happy and at peace despite challenges and hard things and between being in a state of turmoil and work to have the first one most of the time.
  32. Be prepared for emergencies.
  33. Be prepared for anything that may happen and disrupt your peace.
  34. Be honest and have integrity all the time.
  35. If you aren’t sure if you should do something and you think it might disrupt your peace later, then don’t do it.
  36. Be wise with your finances.
  37. Get adequate health insurance, life insurance if you need it and other protections.
  38. Have at least a month’s worth of food storage.
  39. Practice what you would do in an emergency.
  40. Have backup plans.
  41. Save money.
  42. If you have the feeling or impression to do something, do it. Take action.
  43. If you are really struggling get help. It’s okay to ask for help if you need it even if it means going to professional therapy or counseling.
  44. Take a nice long relaxing bath.
  45. Spend time with a dog, cat or other loving animal. They are amazing for helping to calm down and have more peace.
  46. Donate to organizations that are helping to create more peace.
  47. Consider working for the peace corps to help make a difference and to help increase peace around the world.
  48. Do the best you can whenever you can and be at peace with yourself knowing you did your best.
  49. Give others permission to do their best and be at peace with their actions.
  50. Recognize that we won’t have peace all over the world until Christ comes back and that is okay.

What do you do to create more peace amongst all the noise and chaos?

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  • Nice list! I 100% agree that taking a screen break day is important. Screens consume and overwhelm people without them even realizing it. Also going to a peaceful place. I think people just need to be more in touch with themselves and know what they truly love. Having a happy place can be so rewarding. I also feel if people are normally more prepared there would not be so many people panicking in light of the coronavirus.

  • Thanks for all these tips! I do like using essential oils. They calm me down. Agree with spending time with pets! They are such good stress-relievers. 🙂

  • These are wonderful suggestions! I really would like to start yoga, but don’t know where to begin. Thanks for sharing.

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