14 Common Misconceptions about Essential Oils

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Do you use essential oils? If not, you should. Here are 14 common misconceptions that many people have about essential oils.

1. You must be an aromatherapist or know a lot about essential oils to use them. False, you can begin using them and learn about them as you go.

2. You cannot use any essential oils internally. This is false. If the oils are pure enough and of high enough quality you can use many of them internally. However there are certain ones such as wintergreen that you cannot. You need to educate yourself before using them internally, but you can do it.

3. You cannot use essential oils on babies or small children. Again this is where education about essential oils is crucial. With babies and children you want to use smaller amounts and make sure that you avoid wintergreen, clary sage and a few others but most oils are safe.

4. You cannot use essential oils while pregnant. Yes, there are certain ones that you need to avoid while pregnant, however, this is one of the benefits of essential oils. You can use them while pregnant.

5. It doesn’t matter where you buy your essential oils from, they are all the same quality. This is a big one. The purity and quality of essential oils is not regulated in the United States and so quality and purity varies widely from source to source.

6. Essential oils can be poisonous. While there are a few rare ones that can be, for the most part this simply isn’t true. They are completely safe.

7. Essential oils cannot be used on animals. Again this isn’t true. While you do need to avoid melaleuca with cats, and there are a few others to be careful with, animals love essential oils and they can help them a lot.

8. Essential oils must be put on the skin to be beneficial. Again this isn’t true. You can also diffuse them in the air with a diffuser, and for the right ones, use them internally as well.

9. You can’t take essential oils at the same time as drugs. While you do need to be careful and you should certainly tell your doctor if you are using essential oils and are on drugs, many of them can be used at the same time without a problem. Some may even make your drugs work better.

10. Every essential oils will work in the same way for every person. This isn’t true either. Different oils work different for different people.

11. All essential oils require the use of a carrier oil. Again it depends on the oil. Hot oils such as cinnamon and oregano need a carrier oil but many others such as lemon and lavender don’t.

12. You can be allergic to all essential oils. Yes you can be allergic to a few, however, you can’t be allergic to all of them. If you are getting rashes or having other issues, then you either have candida or are detoxing. Fix this and essential oils will work great for you.

13. More essential oils will work better than less. No. In fact, less is more and while it can’t hurt you to use more in most cases, it is just wasteful.

14. If you use essential oils, then you can eat whatever you want. No nutrition and overall health is still important.

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