10 Places to Find Gluten Free Coupons

gluten free coupons
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Gluten free coupons can be harder to find than coupons for other kinds of food. If you ever spent time looking through the coupons in the newspaper, and other coupons that get sent to you in the mail, then you are well aware that gluten free coupons don’t usually just show up in the newspaper. Granted some of the coupons are for things that are naturally gluten free, but I’m talking about finding coupons for things like gluten free bread, crackers, cookies and other things that are a lot cheaper with gluten.

If you need help figuring out where to find these gluten free coupons, keep reading for my list of 10 places where I have found these in the past.

  1. Ebay- yes really. There are people who spend time gathering and collecting coupons for gluten free foods and then sell them on eBay. While they aren’t allowed to make money on coupons, they can still sell them for a nominal fee to pay for their time spent gathering them. You can also sometimes find gluten free breads and other items for sale on eBay at a discount.
  2. Amazon- yes- Amazon has coupons on a lot of items including gluten free foods and you can find them by looking under discounts.
  3. The facebook pages for your favorite brands- they often post coupons on their Facebook pages for their brands.
  4. The websites for your favorite gluten free products. You often have to join their email list, but it’s still worth it as they will usually send an intro coupon and then additional coupons every so often.
  5. Gluten Free Expos- In the past when these were happening at least once and sometimes twice a year I would go and come home with tons of these. Granted they haven’t been going on during the past year due to the pandemic, but I’m sure they will come back and then this is a great place to find these deals.
  6. On the boxes of the foods themselves. Yes I’ve found these on the box of the food at the store. Enjoy Life is one specific brand that often puts coupons on the boxes of their bars and cookies.
  7. Inside the mobile apps for your favorite grocery stores. Kroger and Sprouts are especially known for including coupons in their mobile apps and often they have ones either specifically for gluten free foods, or ones that can be used for anything.
  8. The ibota app. This is a great app for getting cash back and discounts on food and they often have ones for gluten free discounts.
  9. From grocery rewards cards. Kroger and its affiliate brands are among the best. They track what you buy and send you coupons and often they will include coupons for gluten free brands that you have purchased in the past.
  10. On discount grocery sites like vitacost.com They have lots of sales and specials. Sometimes you need a coupon code, but most of the time they just run sales and you can just order and get the sale price.

In summary, finding discounts and deals on gluten free foods can be done, you just need to look a bit harder.

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