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10 Delicious Kale Recipes

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Some people find the taste of kale difficult to get used to eating. However, I have learned to love it and want to share with you ten delicious kale recipes to help you eat more kale.

  1. Make a white bean and ham soup with white beans, carrots, onions, ham, chicken broth and salt and pepper. I like to use a crockpot, after everything else is 3/4 cooked, add in a few handfuls of kale and finish cooking. It tastes great. You can also add in spinach or beet greens as well.
  2. Roast kale on a sheet in the oven with olive oil and salt and pepper. You can turn them into crunch chips this way. For more flavor you can add some nutritional yeast.
  3. Make a green smoothie with kale, banana and strawberry. There are other variations of green smoothies you can make with kale, but this is my favorite combination.
  4. Make a kale and sweet potato hash with kale, sweet potato, and onions stir fried in olive oil.
  5. Replace kale with any recipe that calls for spinach. They are similar enough that you can make it work.
  6. Make a kale and egg omlette with eggs, kale, onions and ham.
  7. Make a wild rice soup with carrots, onions, and mushrooms and add in some kale.
  8. Saute kale and chicken in olive oil serve with rice or mashed potatoes.
  9. Make a salad with 1/2 dark green lettuce and 1/2 kale.
  10. Make a veggie or chicken stir fry with kale, spinach, onions, carrots and pea pods. You can use other vegetables but I’ve found this combination to be one of the best.

What is your favorite delicious kale recipe? Share it with me in the comments below.

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