Yes I Ingest Essential Oils and It’s Okay

ingest essential oils
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Yes I ingest essential oils. What? You do what? I know ingesting essential oils is controversial. However, let me explain to you why and when I ingest essential oils and why you really can ingest essential oils and it isn’t the problem that some people think it is.

Before I begin telling you the how and why I ingest essential oils I want to make a couple of important points.

1. No you cannot ingest all essential oils. There are certain ones such as wintergreen and blue tansy as well as most if not all tree essential oils such as cedar wood, cypress and eucalyptus that should never ever be ingested no matter what.

2. I do not recommend ingesting or using essential oils internally with anyone under 6 years of age. So the information I am giving you regarding the how and why for ingesting essential oils, applies only to those of us over 6.

3. The brand of essential oils is a big deal when it comes to ingestion of essential oils. Not all brands are safe. You must read the label of any essential oil before you even consider ingesting it. If it doesn’t say internal use is okay, then don’t do it. I use almost exclusively Doterra essential oils many of which are safe to ingest.

Okay, now that I have gotten a few super important points out of the way, let me explain the how and why I ingest essential oils.

When I ingest essential oils, I usually do it by putting 2-3 drops of 2-3 different essential oils in an empty gel cap and swallowing it with a glass of water. Occasionally I might also put 1-2 drops of a citrus oil or peppermint in a glass of water and drink it. I also like to cook with essential oils by using a toothpick to make sure I only get a small amount, or by being extra careful and using only 1-2 drops.

I do not ingest essential oils daily. In fact, my preferred method of essential oil usage is rubbing them on the bottoms of my feet or wrists or using a diffuser. Ingestion is not my number one way to use essential oils.

However, I ingest essential oils when:

I am following a recipe from one of my favorite books on essential oils and the recipe says to do so.

I am working on a health issue that requires me to use essential oils throughout my entire body rather than targeting one specific body part

As mentioned above I am cooking

Otherwise I prefer to use essential oils for its aromatherapy benefits rather than ingesting.

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