Why I Only Do Online Grocery Shopping Now

online grocery shopping
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Why do I only do online grocery shopping now? It’s been a few months since the last time I did in person grocery shopping for more than a few items. (Trader Joe’s not included since they don’t offer online shopping or pickup and I can’t do without at least a few of their items.)

First, the most obvious reason- the Covid pandemic and I’d rather avoid the potential exposure and germs. Although for me personally this isn’t really the main reason as I will explain later.

Second, it’s more convenient and a big time saver. All I have to do is logon to the store website and create my order, pick a time for pickup, (I don’t do delivery right now for the extra fees and I live right by a Smiths and a Walmart.) and then pick it up at the time I requested. The only challenge I have found with this is that since I’m not personally picking out the items sometimes I get substitutions that are different than what I personally would have chosen, or the ripeness of fruits and vegetables isn’t what I would have chosen if I had picked everything out myself.

Third, It saves money. I’m able to look online at prices, build my menu planning and decide what to buy and how much to spend and then I stick with it. I’m not wondering around the store being tempted by the snacks, dairy free ice creams and other things since I only get what I’ve ordered ahead of time.

Fourth, I’m able to take advantage of some home delivery organic produce services like Misfits. This provides me with an automatic weekly or bi-weekly shipping of fruits and vegetables so I never run out and always have a fridge full of healthy food.

In summary even though I started doing online grocery shopping during the pandemic, I don’t plan to go back to in person grocery shopping anytime soon if ever.

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