Why Cheap Essential Oils Are Not the Best

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During the two years since I began selling essential oils, I have gotten a lot of questions. However, some of these questions are more frequent than others. One of the most common is: “Why can’t I just use a cheap essential oil from Amazon or my local health food store?” This is a really good question and one that I would have asked myself before any better. While there are a lot of reasons, here are a few reasons why cheap essential oils are not the best.

1. They are not as high of quality. While the statement, you get what you pay for applies in a lot of situations, this is especially true with essential oils. Essential oils that are cheap are not high quality. This is a fact. For example, frankincense should not cost less than $60 and Rose should never cost less than $150. If they do, then this is a sign that those oils are not high quality and probably have alcohol or other additives in them.

2. Cheap essential oils are usually extracted using alcohol and then some of that alcohol ends up in the oil, or they have additional additives in them.

3. The environment in which the oil grows as well as how it is harvested and at what time of day is very important. All of these things impact the quality.

4. Many cheap essential oils are designed to be used as a perfume or exclusively for the scent and smell. They are not meant to be used as over the counter medicine. High-quality oils can be used as over the counter medicine and you want to make sure that when using essential oils for this purpose that are you using a high-quality therapeutic kind.

5. Most cheap oils do not have much testing done. They just harvest the oil and sell it without checking it’s chemistry and making sure that the quality is there.

6. There is more than one way to harvest the oil from a plant or flower and the best way is to make sure that only the oil is there. Many cheap essential oils are harvested in such as way that the stem or flower or another part of the plant is mixed in with the oil.

What questions do you have about essential oils? Feel free to ask in the comments.

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