7 Benefits of Health Coaching for Gluten Free

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gluten free health coach

Are you starting your gluten free journey? Or maybe you have been gluten free for awhile but are still struggling? In either case, you may want to consider hiring a health coach to help. When I first started going gluten free, I didn’t have anyone to help me and it was much harder than I believe it could have been, if I had had help. See this postHow I finally gave up gluten and you can too.

So what benefits can you gain from gluten free health coaching? While there may be additional benefits, here are the top seven benefits I see from gluten free health coaching.

1. You will be able to successfully implement a 100% gluten free lifestyle much quicker. Going gluten free is a lot more difficult than many people think and it helps to have help in making it happen.

2. Support and encouragement. Going gluten free is not only tough because of everything you have to do and learn, but it is also hard emotionally and mentally for many people. In fact, I believe this is the number one reason that people who get a diagnosis such as celiac disease or another health issue where going gluten free is either required or strongly recommended do not actually do it. They lack the support and encouragement needed to make it happen.

3. Save time. Implementing a gluten free lifestyle can take a lot of time and hiring a health coach to help you can save you time by helping you learn things that you overawes would have to spend your own time doing.

4. Save money. Not all gluten free products and services are created equal. Some are a big waste of money and a coach and help you with this. A gluten free health coach, can also help you save money by educating you about how to grocery shop and cook while on a gluten free lifestyle. Just because you knew how to do this before you starting being gluten free, doesn’t mean you know how to do it now.

5. Avoid getting glutened. This is a big problem with many people and it’s even a bigger deal when they first start this lifestyle. Having a coach can help you avoid this and reduce the number of times you get glutened.

6. A gluten free health coach can assist you in improving other areas of your health and wellness, such as choosing the right supplements and probiotics and in creating a balanced diet that is gluten free but is also healthy.

7. Need meal plans done for you? Or maybe even gluten free meals cooked for you. Some health coaches can help you with this as well.

Want to explore how I can help you as a gluten free health coach? Schedule a time for us to chat about it now.

Already know that you need help but you don’t want to hire a one on one health coach just yet? Check out my 30 Days to Gluten Free Success E-course. It’s educational and simple and it’s only $17.


What I Would Buy For My Gluten Free and Dairy Free Kitchen with $1,000 on Amazon

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gluten free dairy free kitchen

What would I buy for my gluten free dairy free kitchen with $1,000 on Amazon? Here is my gluten free dairy free kitchen shopping list. I’m assuming here that I don’t already have any of these things and I’m also obviously not including things that can’t easily be bought on Amazon such as fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

Equipment and Tools

While you can get a nutribullet, vitamix or other high quality blender, I have a blendtec and really love it and highly recommend it.

Food and Spices

This is so much healthier for you than regular salt and can help your digestive system.

What else would you buy for your gluten free and dairy free kitchen? Share with me in the comments below. Note: The above links are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase.

How to Make Kid Pleasing Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals Without Breaking the Bank

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gluten free dairy free meals

Do you struggle to make healthy meals that your child will actually eat? This is one of the biggest challenges that all moms face and it’s even harder when you have to make those meals gluten free and dairy free. Furthermore you want to them to be inexpensive. Here are some tips to actually make gluten free and dairy free meals your child will want to eat and that won’t break your bank.

1. Plan ahead. This is a must with any kind of healthy meals but it’s even more important with gluten free and dairy free meals and when you are cooking for children. You can watch my video on my post that I did on How to Create a Gluten Free Shopping List for ideas on how to plan ahead and be ready with the right foods in your kitchen for cooking these meals.

2. Shop store sales. This is a must for saving money and even more so on gluten free and dairy free foods since you cannot easily find coupons for these foods. Although there are discounts available and I talk about how to find them with this post. How to Find Discounts on Gluten Free Foods.

3. Buy in bulk. This is another way to save and also have these foods on hand for cooking meals that your child will want to eat.

4. Check Amazon. This is another great way to save that many people don’t even think about. I’ve even bought some of the basics I use to make a lot of delicious gluten free and dairy free meals such as quinoa and millet on amazon and found it to be cheaper there.

5. Use fruits and vegetables in season. All vegetables and fruits have a season of the year when they are more readily available and on sale. For example trying to buy peaches in Winter will cost more and many stores won’t even have them available. Learn what fruits and vegetables are in season and therefore on sale when and buy them then. It also helps to be able to can and freeze them while they are in season so you will have some available for cooking when they are off season.

6. Use herbs and spices for adding flavor. This is a very cost effective and effective way of making gluten free and dairy free meals that taste good and that your child will want to eat. You can use things such as sea salt, herbes de provence blend, black pepper and lemon, thyme, basil and other spice blends to make quinoa, brown rice, millet, vegetables, chicken, fish and more taste better and have more flavor.

7. Involve your child in the cooking. Children as young as 4 years old can help with some basics. You can also ask your child to help you chose the foods and meals that he or she wants to eat. Instead of making it an open ended question. Show your child 5-10 gluten free and dairy free foods that you can use to cook a meal and ask him or her which ones he or she prefers. You can also do this with vegetables. For example show your child some broccoli, cabbage and green peas and ask him or her to chose which one he or she wants to eat.