Lessons Learned From 7 Years of Living a Gluten Free Lifestyle

living a gluten free lifestyle
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I’ve been as close to 100% gluten free as possible for 7 years now. In some ways it’s hard to believe and in other ways it seems like just yesterday I started living a gluten free lifestyle.

In honor of my 7 years being gluten free, I’d like to share with you the lessons I’ve learned along the way in order to help you live a gluten free lifestyle and do it as painlessly as possible.

First, Not everyone will accept and understand your decision to live a gluten free lifestyle. I still have people who don’t think I need to be gluten free and who occasionally will try to tempt me to give in and eat something that isn’t gluten free. (If you are celiac this will be less of a problem.) I’m not celiac but chose to go gluten free 7 years ago for a variety of other health reasons including but not limited to thyroid issues.

Second- You must read all labels all the time. There can be gluten in things you would never suspect including things like cough drops and other kinds of medicine.

Third, gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. There are lots of junk foods that are gluten free. Living a gluten free lifestyle is a process and a journey to learning how to eat healthy and gluten free. Junk food is junk food even if it’s gluten free.

Fourth, The first year of living a gluten free lifestyle is the hardest. Once you’ve been gluten free for a year, it will be much easier. You will be used to it. The temptation to give in and cheat will be less and you will find cooking gluten free, social situations and everything else connected with living a gluten free lifestyle to be much easier than when you first get started.

Fifth, cheating and eating even a little bit of gluten makes it harder to go back on gluten free afterwards. Therefore, it’s much better not to even cheat a little ever.

Sixth, You won’t realize the full effects and the impact that living gluten free is having on your health, until you get glutened. Then you will realize how much better you feel without eating gluten.

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