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How to Steam Inhale Essential Oils

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Have you ever steam inhaled essential oils? If not, you are missing out. You can learn how to steam inhale essential oils as a primary method of aromatherapy and once you do, you will never go back to many of your old ways of using essential oils. However, there are correct ways to steam inhale essential oils and ways that can cause more harm than good. So keep reading to learn about how to do it effectively and safely.

First, steam inhaling essential oils is easier when you have the right tools. My favorite device is the Maivara steaming pot with lava rocks. This pot makes it easy to steam inhale oils for maximum benefit without the hassles of other methods. You can also control easier how much water you use and the lava rocks make it work better. You can also use a tea mug or other cup, however, it can be easier to burn your hand while touching it and making sure that the water is the right temperature is more difficult. The water also cools off a lot faster with a cup. However, if all you have is a tea mug and you don’t want to invest the money to purchase a steaming pot, then a mug can work.

Second, you need to be careful how hot the water is. You want it to be hot but not too scalding hot. If you use a pot like I mentioned above, the water will boil and you will inhale the steam. However, with a cup you don’t want the water to be that hot.

Third, Make sure to never put your nose too close to the steam vapors. It is recommended to keep your nose at least 2 inches away. This is another reason that using a pot is easier because it is covered and the vapors go farther and can be inhaled from farther away.

Fourth, avoid putting too many drops of essential oil in the pot or cup. I recommend 2-5 drops. If you put in too many drops then the smell will be overpowering and can irritate your nasal passages.

Follow these instructions and you will be able to help your sinuses stay clear and healthy all winter long.

Not sure you want to use steam? Neti pots are also an option. Learn more about how I use neti pots with essential oils.

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