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How to Really Embrace the Concept of Forgiveness in Your Life

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Have you really embraced the concept of forgiveness in your life? If not you really must in order to live the happiest and fullest life possible. However, it can be easier said than done.

So how exactly do you have complete forgiveness in your life?

First, recognize that you have one or more people that you need to forgive. You can’t fully embrace forgiveness until you acknowledge that there are people you need to forgive.

Second, realize that just because you forgive someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t or don’t hold that person accountable for a crime they committed or for something that is against the law. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you allow yourself to be taken advantage of, or that you don’t allow the person to suffer the consequences of his or her choices.

Third consider using some essential oil blends to help trigger your brain to release feelings of resentment, anger, and other negative feelings. You can use them in a diffuser in your room, office or other environment. If this sounds unusual to you, there have actually been studies in doctor’s offices and other places that show that essential oils can help with all kinds of emotions including forgiveness and releasing anger.

Fourth, confront the person who caused you harm and ask for forgiveness. Even if the person won’t acknowledge you and your feelings, you can at least be assured you did your part to embrace forgiveness in your life.

Fifth, realize that sometimes forgiveness takes time and it’s okay to be mad at first but after awhile you have to find ways to get over it in order to have peace.

Sixth, seek professional help if needed.

Seventh, share your feelings with close friends and family and even get their support and advice to help you move on and have true forgiveness.

Eighth, pray and ask God for help. Jesus Christ had to forgive his enemies who did the worst think possible. They killed him. You can forgive others just like he did.

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