How to Improve Your Emotional Health

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Are you struggling with your emotional health? Many people do and it is okay to admit it. In fact, the first step to improving your emotional health is to admit that you have a problem. Then once you recognize that you need to improve your emotional health, it will be easier to work on it. Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found on how to improve your emotional health.

1. Use emotional essential oil blends to help support your emotional health. It has been proven that smell can help with a wide variety of emotions. Examples include: helping with grief, sadness, anger, comfort, forgiveness, self-acceptance, and many more. I am happy to help you personally with this. Click the schedule a consultation button below to schedule a time to chat with me in more detail about it.

2. Take time out for you. No matter how busy you are, or how many challenges you have with your kids, you must take time out. Whether it’s something like watching a movie on netflix while your kids are sleeping, or going to get a manicure or pedicure or massage, or just going grocery shopping. You must find ways to get a break and do something for yourself.

3. Take time to laugh everyday. As the saying goes laughter is the best medicine and it really is. Find ways to laugh every day.

4. Recognize when you are in crisis mode and need professional help from a doctor, therapist or other trained professional designed to help you with your emotional health. Then get help and don’t be embarrassed or afraid to get it.

5. Find ways to relax and release stress. Some of my favorites include: music, funny movies or TV shows, getting a massage, taking a bath with essential oils or reading.

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