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How to Eat Healthy Even If Your Broke

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I really believe that everyone can eat healthy. Yes really. You can eat healthy even if you are broke. In fact, if you eat unhealthy, you will likely be broke even more over the long term due to medical bills and other costs. While I realize you may not believe me, keep reading and I will tell you how to eat healthy even if you are broke.

  1. Avoid processed food or anything that comes in a box. Processed food even if made with healthier ingredients will always cost more than whole unboxed foods. A good example of this is gluten free cookies, crackers etc.They are really expensive. Anything in a box will be more expensive than making it yourself.
  2. Shop caselot sales for canned food. Most grocery stores have an annual or semi-annual caselot sale when all or almost all of their canned food goes on sale. Save up some money each month for when these sales happen and buy your canned vegetables, fruit, meat etc in bulk.
  3. Buy vegetables frozen and check sales for fresh vegetables. Frozen vegetables are often quite cheap. For example, Kroger sells their Kroger brand frozen veggies for about $1 per pack on a regular basis. Usually each pack has enough for 2-3 servings.
  4. Limit meat consumtion. While meat can be really tasty and filling, it can also get expensive. You can save money on eating healthy when broke by limiting how much meat you get and by shopping meat sales.
  5. Consider bulk shopping and sharing with others. If you are only 1-3 people in your household then bulk shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club or a similar place can get expensive. However, you can find ways to cost share with others on items you use a lot and reduce the cost. Toilet paper, Peanut Butter, Nuts, and bars like Lara bars, Kind Bars etc are examples of things to consider.
  6. Learn how to cook with spices rather than using a lot of cheeses, powders, creams and other costly flavorings. Check out your local Dollar Tree for bargains on spices. They usually have some good ones for $1. However, you may be able to find them for even less so know your prices per oz.
  7. Use coupons and apps such as Ibotta.
  8. If you buy a lot of gluten free, dairy free and other specialty foods consider a membership to Thrive or checkout

Some great resources to help you even further:

Jordan Page at Great website with all kinds of recipes and tips for cooking well and (mostly healthy) without breaking the bank.

What other questions and or challenges do you have with eating healthy? Share with me in the comments below and I will reply back.

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