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20 Healthy Eating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Are you trying to improve your healthy eating habits? Many people are and while it’s always a great idea, there are lots of pitfalls and healthy eating mistakes you can encounter if you aren’t careful. Here are 20 of the most common healthy eating mistakes.

  1. Assuming that because you have seen an ad claiming that a food is healthy that it actually is. Not every food people think is healthy actually is. For anything that isn’t obvious such as apples or broccoli, you may need to do some reserach on the real health value of any given food.
  2. Eating too much of a good thing. Yes it is possible to even eat too many vegetables. Just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean that eating it in unlimited amounts is okay.
  3. Avoiding reading labels on anything you eat that has an ingredients label. Yes you still need to read labels, even on foods that are organic or supposedly otherwise healthy. Some “health foods” have unhealthy ingredients added in.
  4. Assuming that gluten free by default means healthy. There are lots of gluten free foods that aren’t healthy at all.
  5. Assuming that sugar free by default means healthy. Sugar free can mean all kinds of things and not always healthy.
  6. Eliminating large items of food from your diet just because you think they aren’t healthy.
  7. Trying to give up lots of categories of foods at once. For example, gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, nuts and legumes all at the same time. This is just a recipe for failure.
  8. Sucuming to every fad diet because you think these will somehow improve your health.
  9. Automatically choosing the salad at a restaurant. They aren’t always the healthiest or the lowest in calories.
  10. Still trying to eat out more than a couple times a month instead of doing 95% of your cooking at home.
  11. Choosing low fat versions of everything. High fat can actually be better for you if it’s the right kinds of fats.
  12. Eating the same foods over and over again.A truly healthy diet consists of a variety of foods.
  13. Assuming that you have to give up all forms of sugar including cane sugar. Some sugar can be just fine.
  14. Counting calories and thinking that is the healthiest way to loose weight.
  15. Eating only 3 big meals a day even if the food is healthy. Ideally you should strive for 5-6 smaller meals instead.
  16. Not paying attention to lectins in foods. If you have thyroid issues, or other autoimmune conditions, then lectins yes even those in healthy foods such as beans and peppers may be bothering you. Using an insta pot can help reduce or even eliminate them.
  17. Going vegan just because you think it’s healthier for you and the environment. Most vegans are not that healthy.
  18. Not abiding by the statement, “The diet that heals you isn’t the diet that sustains you.” Some people may need to eat a certain diet for a short time period in order to heal but that doesn’t mean you need to maintain it forever.
  19. Trying to make drastic changes at once. Going from eating out all the time to never eating out. This is another recipe for failure.
  20. Absessing over GMOS, organic or not and so forth. Yes you want to avoid GMOS and eat organic as much as possible but making it an absession will only make it harder on you and on those with whom you share your meals.

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