How Meditation and Mindfulness Have Helped Me on My Wellness Journey

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Are meditation and mindfullness a part of your wellness lifestyle? If not, they should be. So take the next few minutes for me to explain why and how meditation and mindfullness have helped me.

For all of my life ever since I can remember I’ve always been taught that prayer and scripture reading are important parts of a morning, evening and sometimes even middle of the day routine. I also grew up being taught that taking the time to just sit and be still is important. As a child we always had nap times or even quiet times when we had to just sit in our rooms even if we didn’t want to sleep.

The last few years though as I’ve struggled with hashimotos and other autoimmune challenges and continue to have flareups, I’ve started also working on adding meditation and mindfullness into my daily life and daily routines.

I’ve tried a variety of strategies including:

Using various mobile apps such as calm, and headspace.

Just sitting still with my eyes closed on the floor for 10 minutes or so.

Using an app like a fireplace with a fire crackling.

Listening to classical music with my eyes closed.

Listening to various recorded meditations. One site that has several I really like is Purpose Fairy.

While all of these strategies have been helpful in increasing my mediation and mindfullness practices and helping me to reduce stress, my biggest challenge has been that I have no way to measure and track how I’m doing over time.

This is why I am excited to have finally found a solution for this. Doterra released their Adaptiv App which works with the Adaptiv essential oil products to help you with not only creating a daily mindfullness and meditation routine but also with using biofeedback and journaling to help you track your progress.

You can also download the Adaptiv app and try it for free without the premium features.

What does your meditation and mindfullness routine or practice look like? I’d love to have you share it with me in the comments.

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