Healthy Cooking Gear That Won’t Break the Bank

healthy cooking gear
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What healthy cooking gear that won’t break the bank should you have in your kitchen? While there are a lot of things you can buy, these are the basics for healthy cooking gear that I consider that you must have.

1. Spiralizer
A spirtalizer tops my list because you can use it to make noodles with zucchini, spaghetti squash and so much more. It makes eating gluten free and even grain free or paleo a lot easier. Plus it makes it so you can add variety to your cooking and makes you more likely to eat more vegetables.

2. Nutri-bullet
Personally, I think that if you have the money it’s best to invest in a blendtec. However, they are about $350 depending upon where you buy one and the kind of sale you find. Since this post is about healthy cooking gear that won’t break the bank and $300 plus isn’t exactly cheap, I’m including a nutri-bullet here instead. The nutribullet can do a lot of what the blendtec can do. It’s a lot cheaper as you will see, although it probably won’t last you as long. What you really don’t want to do is spend $20-$30 on a cheap blender. It just isn’t worth it. There are tons of nutri-bullet recipes online, and you can make everything from smoothies to soups.

3. Silicone Cooking Utensils

Of course, everyone needs a good set of cooking utensils as a part of your healthy cooking gear and these are some great ones. They are non-stick and easy to clean. I really like wood ones as well but they cost more and can be harder to clean.

4. Smokeless Indoor Barbeque
This is an awesome option for barbequing without all the mess and the hassle. When eating gluten free, you will find that barbequing your meats and vegetables, is great for making your food tastier and healthier. Plus you don’t need to add all of the sauces and extras when you barbeque.

5. Instapot and Crockpot
This is another must have. Everyone is busy and this makes quicky and simple cooking a breeze. Make your dinner in 5-10 minutes in the morning and it’s ready for dinner that evening.

What do you consider to be your number one item for healthy cooking gear that won’t break the bank? Share it below with me in the comments.


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