Almond Flour Recipes

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almond flour cupcakes

If you’ve been reading about gluten free foods and the gluten free lifestyle for any amount of time you have probably come across almond flour recipes. Personally it’s not my first choice for gluten free breads, pancakes and other gluten free baked goods. I personally have a moderate food sensitivity to almonds and so too many of them will make my sinuses and throat swell so eating too many almonds which includes almond flour recipes is hard for me to do. I prefer mixes with almond flour and coconut flour, or almond flour and flaxseeds or other combinations. However, I’m currently fighting off a yeast infection and therefore can’t have any grains for at least a month and so I figured this would be a food time to explore and experiment with almond flour recipes. Not only that but almond flour is such a staple in many gluten free cookbooks that I decided that this blog wouldn’t be complete without at least one blog post on almond flour recipes.

So how do you bake with almond flour?

The short answer is that you can make almost anything that you would make with wheat flour or other gluten free flours including pizza crust, bread, pancakes, waffles etc. However, there are lots of other things you can do with almond flour as well including using it as a thickener in soups, and sauces.

To start with here is a basic almond flour waffle recipe: Courtesy of Laura Hofsetter at:

1/2 cup Almond Flour
1 pinch Sea salt
1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda
2 Eggs
2 Tablespoons Pure Maple Syrup

Preheat waffle iron.
Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Whisk together eggs and maple syrup in separate bowl. Combine wet with dry ingredients and stir until thoroughly mixed.
Lightly coat waffle iron with olive oil to prevent sticking. Spoon batter into waffle iron and cook until golden.
Makes 1 serving

I would imagine that you could also use 1/4 a cup of almond flour and 1/4 a cup of coconut flour and then double the amount of eggs as coconut flour requires more eggs. I haven’t tried this yet though. You could also add in cinnamon, raw cocoa, a few drops of orange essential oil, honey instead of maple syrup etc just for some different varieties.

I also really like the almond flour chocolate muffins pictured above. Simple Mills Chocolate Muffin & Cake Mix, 10.4 Ounce (affiliate link). The only thing I would add is that this recipe does not have any sugar other than some coconut sugar and therefore is not at all sweet. So adding 1-2 drops of stevia or a little bit of maple syrup is a good idea as well.

There are also a lot of almond flour recipe ebooks available on the kindle. This one is one of my favorites: Almond Flour Recipes: An Alternative to Wheat Flour Cookbook for Celiac, Paleo, and Gluten Free Diets (Quick and Easy Series).

Which almond flour recipe is your favorite? Please tell me in the comments below.

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