5 Simple Emotional Wellness Activities

emotional wellness activities
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Do you practice emotional wellness activities on a regular basis? If not, you really need to start. Your emotional wellness is just as important as your physical wellness and in fact, your emotional wellness can have an impact on your physical wellness too.

Here are five simple emotional wellness activities you can do daily to improve your emotional health.

1. Use aromatherapy. You can diffuse essential oils or rub them on your feet or take a bath with them to relax. Learn more about essential oils for emotional wellness.

2. Meditate. Meditation can be very powerful. My favorite way to meditate is to listen to some calming or classical music, close my eyes and just sit still for 5-15 minutes. You can also find free meditation music or affirmations on youtube or just by searching Google.

3. Going for a walk. Walking especially in the mountains or out in nature can be very therapeutic and beneficial for your emotional wellness. Plus it’s one of the emotional wellness activities that are good for your physical health too.

4. Journaling. You can write down anything that comes to mind. It’s also a good idea to write down everything you are thankful for, and your dreams and goals on an occasion in addition to anything that you have done in the past few days.

5. Relaxation. This can take many forms. Examples include: taking a nice long hot bath, lying down in bed without falling asleep, going to a spa, sitting in a hot tub and others just to name a few.

Which one of these emotional wellness activities is your favorite? What other things do you do to have good emotional health?

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