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15 Seconds to Stress Less: How to Reduce Stress

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Do you wish you could stress less? What about figuring about how to reduce stress simply and effortlessly. Here are 15 ideas on how to stress less in under 15 seconds.

1. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine the worst that could happen then relax. Doing this can help you avoid saying something you regret. It can also help you realize that the worst that could happen is probably not as bas as you think.

2. Grab your favorite relaxing essential oil and inhale a few drops or rub a few drops on your wrist. Lavender, Roman Chamomille, Magnolia and Rose are a few great ones to try.

3. Grab a stress ball and squeeze it a few times and then release.

4. Pick up a fidget spinner and give it a few whirls.

5. Just stop moving and stay still.

6. Eat a piece of chocolate. Yes really. It’s okay and can actually even be good for you.

7. Sing part of a favorite song and if you feel like it keep singing for a few minutes.

8. Use an app to do a stress reducing meditation. Calm and Simple Habit are two great ones. Although they take more than 15 seconds, 15 seconds is long enough for you to start calming down.

9. Walk away from the situation. Then if necessary come back after a few seconds or a minute.

10. Find someone to give you a quick neck and or shoulder rub. (If you have the time, get a full body massage.)

11. Count to ten before doing anything.

12. If a person is causing you stress, find a way to at least temporarily remove yourself from that person.

13. Take some magnesium. Yes it might sound different but there is proof that magnesium can help reduce stress and make you calmer.

14. Eat some ice cream or another favorite treat. A little won’t hurt.

15. Use positive self-talk to reassure yourself.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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