101 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

increase happiness
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  1. Decide to be happy. Yes it really can be that simple.
  2. Set goals.
  3. Create something to look forward to.
  4. Play with a dog.
  5. Play with a baby or small child.
  6. Listen to and even dance to some get happy music.
  7. Use citrus essential oils to improve your mood. You can diffuse them or inhale from the bottle or even put 1-2 drops on your wrist.
  8. Call a friend and chat.
  9. Give yourself a social media break.
  10. Listen to an uplifting audio talk or book.
  11. Read an uplifting book.
  12. Return to childhood by playing with a childhood toy.
  13. Eat some chocolate. Yes really this can boost your mood.
  14. Blow bubbles.
  15. Watch a funny movie or TV show. (Mister Ed is one of my favorites)
  16. Watch a funny youtube video.
  17. Get therapy if you need it.
  18. Burn a nice smelling candle.
  19. Give yourself a spa day.
  20. Read a happiness blog.
  21. Go to a comedy play.
  22. Go to a comedy movie.
  23. Write a list of things you are grateful for.
  24. Keep a happiness journal.
  25. Get a facial
  26. Play with silly string.
  27. Play with a yo-yo.
  28. Play a musical instrument.
  29. Sing.
  30. Find a place to do karoke.
  31. Find a friend or two to play a game with.
  32. Go for a walk and enjoy nature.
  33. Listen to some music of birds chirping and other sounds of nature.
  34. Mediate.
  35. Go to the library and browse the children’s section.
  36. Try hula hooping.
  37. Find a party to go to.
  38. Go swimming.
  39. Find a service to perform for someone.
  40. If it’s the right season, find some leaves to rake and then jump in the piles.
  41. Go horseback riding.
  42. Stop watching the news. Seriously. It’s 99% negative.
  43. Start reading happy news.
  44. Find a beach to visit or a lake to walk around.
  45. Find a waterfall to enjoy.
  46. Eat some ice cream
  47. Find a joke book to read. Even better yet share some jokes with a friend.
  48. Write a letter to someone who you haven’t written to in awhile.
  49. Find a flower garden to visit and enjoy.
  50. Try out the perfume samples at a department store.
  51. Do some window shopping but make sure it’s only window shopping.
  52. Pray.
  53. Make a list of all the free and fun things you can find to do in your town then make a plan to do them.
  54. Go to Costco or another store and try all the free samples.
  55. Look through old photos.
  56. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  57. Go for a bike ride.
  58. Go to an art museum and admire the talent of the artists.
  59. Offer to babysit some kids and have fun with them.
  60. Keep a long term perspective on life.
  61. Work on a puzzle.
  62. Read a gossip or celebrity magazine and be grateful for all the problems you don’t have.
  63. Make a bath bomb or use one you bought at the store and take a nice long relaxing bath.
  64. Cook.
  65. Plant a tree.
  66. Plan a vacation.
  67. Watch travel videos.
  68. Clean your house or at least 1-2 rooms.
  69. Organize your closet or other living space.
  70. Visit a senior center and visit with the residents.
  71. Find a lonely or elderly neighbor to visit.
  72. Get a manicure or give yourself one.
  73. Visit a zoo and enjoy seeing the animals.
  74. Go camping.
  75. Watch an older classic Disney movie.
  76. Go snowshoeing if you live where there is snow.
  77. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  78. Feed the ducks.
  79. Go canoeing.
  80. Go to a magic show.
  81. Go to an outdoors music concert.
  82. Create a scavenger hunt to go on with some friends or find an already existing one to participate in.
  83. Find someone who is lonely and who needs a friend and befriend that person.
  84. If the season is appropriate-find a way to make a camp fire, if not, light a fire in your fireplace to enjoy.
  85. Cuddle. With a person, animal living or stuffed. Just cuddle.
  86. Sing in the rain.
  87. Draw or doodle.
  88. Find ways to laugh.
  89. Just smile. Yes really it can be that simple.
  90. Take a dog for a walk.
  91. Find a new class or experience to try. Searching Groupon can be the best way to do this.
  92. Play the harmonica. You can find instructions and music online or just play it for the fun of it.
  93. Play with a fidget spinner.
  94. Get grounded.
  95. Dress up like a clown and find some people to entertain.
  96. Juggle.
  97. Read some scriptures or other spiritual focused reading.
  98. Try Yoga or Pilates.
  99. Go to a costume store and try on the costumes and take pictures.
  100. Watch cat videos or dog videos.
  101. Smell the flowers. Literally.

Which one of these ways to increase your happiness is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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