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Why You Shouldn’t Ever Buy Essential Oils on Amazon

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I love shopping on Amazon and buy a lot of things there. However, there are certain things you shouldn’t ever buy there and I believe that essential oils are one of those things you shouldn’t ever buy on Amazon. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t ever buy essential oils on Amazon.

1. Amazon allows third parties and anyone else who wants to sell essential oils on Amazon to do it. This means that there is little to no control over who sells essential oils on their platform. As a result there are all kinds of people selling cheap junk essential oils as well as some that are of higher quality and telling the difference can be difficult if not impossible.

2. Buying essential oils on Amazon doesn’t give you any training or support. When you buy essential oils through me or through another actual person, we offer training on how to use them and support. In fact, I even offer comprehensive health coaching when you buy your essential oils from me.

3. Somewhat related to number one, anyone can sell them and therefore they can do whatever they want to the oils and then resell them. For example, I’ve heard stories of people who have bought Doterra essential oils on Amazon and when the oils arrived, the bottle was missing oil, or the bottle had been opened and something else that isn’t the essential oil added in and then the bottle was resealed and other similar problems. Whereas when you order directly from the company through a distributor, you are guaranteed to get a full bottle that contains only the essential oil and should it break or have another problem, you can get your money back.

4. Despite what you might think, in many cases, essential oils are sold on Amazon at a higher price than what you would pay if you either went through a distributor or bought your essential oils directly from the company that makes them. Many companies offer memberships or affiliate programs, auto-ship deals or product discounts that can lower the prices from what you would pay on Amazon.

In short, I love buying books, ebooks, music, movies and other things on Amazon, but essential oils on Amazon. No way.

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