ADD and Lovin’ It with Tina Hale

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If you are someone you love has ADD, did it ever occur to you that you have special gifts and talents that go right along with it? A few months ago I was privileged to have Tina Hale who has started a business called ADD and Lovin’ It, come and talk to a women’s group I was in charge of.

Watch her fabulous presentation below and then visit her youtube channel.

How Acupuncture Can Help with Allergies

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acupuncture for allergies

Have you considered trying accupuncture to help with allergies? If not, then you really should try it.

I have used accupuncture for allergies in the past and it was quite helpful. The main benefit I noticed was that it opened up and kept open by sinuses for a longer period of time than most things I have tried to help with my sinus allergies.
I also noticed differences with my eyes. I normally have eyes that are itchy and that can get watery for no apparent reason. Accupuncture helped with my eyes too.

Here are some links to learn more about how accupuncture works to help allergies:

Cleaning with Essential Oils

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Did you know that essential oils can be used for cleaning?

In fact many essential oils can do a more effective job than other cleaners. Not only that but they are safe, whereas traditional cleaners have chemicals in them that can harm you.

Here are some ways you can use Essential Oils for cleaning:

1. Use lemon essential oil to wash fruit and vegetables.

2. Use lemon essential oil to clean your kitchen and bathroom. Put a few drops in a spray bottle with water.

3. Use melaleuca essential oil to clean your toilet and showers. Melaleuca or tea tree oil is a natural cleaner and cleanser.

4. Use Wild orange essential oil blend to kill germs on doors, and surfaces.

These are just a few of many ideas on how you can use essential oils for cleaning.

Why Prevention is So Important to Your Health

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Do you do what you can to prevent health problems? The reality is that too many people do not. They live life day to day and only worry about health problems when they become severe.

Here are some reasons why this is a problem and why prevention is so important to your health.

1. Prevention costs less than waiting until your problem is extreme. I personally experienced this two and a half years ago with my back problems. I had had back pain for quite some time but I just ignored it. Then one day I couldn’t get out of bed my back hurt so bad. I went to the chiropractor and it took me a lot longer and cost me more money than it would have had I gone to the chiropractor right away when my back first started hurting.

2. Many people do this every year during flu season. They eat whatever junk they want and they don’t take any vitamins or supplements and then are surprised when they are sick a lot.

3. Being overweight is a symptom of failing to practice prevention. I’m not the perfect example of this since I need to loose about 50 pounds as of the date of this posting but I’m now really focused on making it happen and I’ve already lost a few pounds in the past week or two. That said, too many people wait until their weight problem is severe before they do anything about it. They get diagnosed with diabetes or something else serious.

4. You can avoid a lot of pain by taking care of your body before your health problems are drastic.

Why else do you think that prevention is so important to your health?

10 Questions You Should be Asking about Allergies but Probably Aren’t

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Too often when people get allergies they grab whatever medication they can find and start taking that, and if it doesn’t work they try another one instead of actually asking questions and doing some research to learn how to manage and control their allergies.

Here are ten questions you should ask about allergies but probably aren’t:

1. What is really causing my allergies? Many people automatically assume that their allergies are caused by one thing or another without really figuring out what is really causing their allergies.

2. What is the best treatment to help me manage my allergies specifically? There are literally hundreds of medications and supplements that you can take for allergies, and just grabbing whatever is available is not the best solution.

3. Do I have another health condition that is making my allergies worse? If you also have a cold, a nose blockage, or one of many other issues, your allergies may be worse and you will need to fix any other health conditions you may have before your allergies will go away.

4. Am I allergic to any food? Even if you think that your allergies are seasonal and related to the outdoors, food allergies are related to outdoor allergies and you may be allergic to foods. Common allergens in food include: wheat, milk, soy, corn, and nuts.

5. What food or foods am I allergic to? This can be tricky to figure out since in many cases you will need to undergo an allergy test from a doctor or allergy specialist in order to figure it out. However, you can try eliminating the common foods that cause allergens one at a time and see what happens as well.

6. Do I really need allergy shots? Allergy shots can be helpful for some people but they can also be costly and depending upon your personal needs, they may not work as well as you would like.

7. Are prescription or over the counter medications really the solution? Lots of people use these first then they probably should look into other options.

8. Have you tried chiropractic? Even though people think of chiropractic as the solution to back and knee pain and headaches, chiropractors can help more with allergies than people realize.

9. Have you tried accupuncture? Accupuncturists can help a lot with allergies as well. While you may still need some supplements or other medications, the healing process for allergies can be greatly accelerated with acupuncture.

10. What have a tried that worked or that didn’t work? Keeping a journal of everything you have done to help manage and control your allergies, can be very helpful in the process of elimination of your allergies.