I Put Blue Tansy Essential Oil on My Big Toe for 30 Days

blue tansy essential oil
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Yes it’s true I put blue tansy essential oil on my big toe every day for 30 days. In the future I plan to do it on a regular basis but not necessarily every day. If you are curious why I did this, keep reading. Blue tansy essential oil is usually known for its anti-aging prosperities and as such is often added to various skin care products. However, for this experiment, I wasn’t using it for skin care or anti-aging but rather for it’s emotional benefits.

Blue tansy in an emotional sense is known as the oil of inspired action. Do you struggle with taking action? You know you need to do something but you just can’t get yourself to do what you know you need to do? Have you seemingly tried everything but you just can’t get motivated? While I always think that it is important to make sure you have a strong why for anything, sometimes we all still struggle to take action and other times it’s just something we have to do .

This experiment was pretty simple. I put the blue tansy oil on my big toe, every morning for 30 days. I used just one drop on each toe. This oil is blue so you can get a blue mark on anything that touches it. So I always put a pair of dark socks on immediately after applying the oil. While it’s true that some oils aren’t the color of its name, this is not true with this oil, it has the word blue in it, and it really is blue and can at least temporarily turn your skin blue.

Then I just went about my day like normal. While what I experienced wasn’t really magic, I do have to say that I felt more motivated and I was able to focus better on my goals and on the things I needed to do. I did what I needed to do everyday and even went above and beyond on some days. While it probably seems strange to some of you reading this, it really did help improve my motivation and productivity. I don’t understand all the reasons behind it, but I just know it works. If you want to try this experiment, contact me at one of the links below.

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