How to Do a Gut Health Detox

gut health detox
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Have you ever considered doing a gut health detox? If not and you have a problem with your gut health then you should. Doing a gut health detox can do a lot to jump start your overall gut health. But how exactly do you do a gut health detox? Keep reading and I will tell you how to do it in the simplest way possible.

  1. Avoid all gluten, dairy, sugar and professed foods for 30 days. This includes anything that is in a box or can with the exception of canned or frozen fruits and vegetables. 30 days is the minimum time you need to avoid these. For some people you may have to avoid them for 90 days or in extreme cases forever. This really is a must in order to successfully do a gut health detox. If you need some accountability and support to make it happen, then schedule a time to talk with me and I can give you your options.
  2. Take a GI cleansing formula for 10 days. There are lots of them available but the one I like the most to use is the GX assist from Doterra. This essential oil blend in a capsule helps cleanse your digestive system.
  3. Follow up the cleansing formula with a probiotic. You want it to have at least 5 billion CFUS. I prefer and recommend the PB assist because of it’s unique formula that gets all of the probiotic into your system. Most probiotics start to dissolve before they reach your system so you don’t actually get all of it into your digestive tract.
  4. Continue cleansing with some kind of a follow up formula. Personally I’ve found the Zendocrine blend to work really well for that. I like to put 3-5 drops with a cup of epsom salts in a bath 3-4 times per week and soak for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Consider finding somewhere to do ion foot baths. These usually cost between $30-$50 and you will want to do them at least once a month for a few months. If you can find the time and money then twice a month is better. These help to cleanse a lot of different things through your feet. While not required to do a successful gut health detox, they can speed up the process.
  6. Repeat the detox every 3 months if your problems are severe and every 6 months for minor and moderate problems.
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