5 Things I Learned From Reading “Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook”

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Have you read any paleo cookbooks? I’ve read a few and I found that the cookbook- Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook: Over 125 Satisfying Recipes for a Healthy Paleo Diet is one of the best.

While I’m not doing paleo anymore, I did do paleo at one point. See my blog post about it: Why I Quit Paleo and I still do eat some paleo snacks and meals.

So here are 5 things I learned about easy paleo snacks by reading this book:

1. Finding paleo substitutes for foods that aren’t paleo is actually pretty easy to do. This cookbook even comes with a list of recommendations.

2. While there are lots of complicated paleo snacks that require a lot of cooking time, and lots of ingredients including some that may be expensive or hard to find, there are also a lot of as the title implies- easy paleo snacks that don’t and this cookbook does a good job of this.

3. Coconut milk, almond milk, cocoa powder, berries, nut butters, bananas and greens are some of the best paleo staples to keep in stock in order to make easy paleo snacks.

4. Smoothies, chips and bars are some of the best paleo snacks so if you enjoy eating these, then you will love this cookbook. If not, then you will either need to learn to like them or find another cookbook.

5. You better love coconut and almond if you want to have success with paleo and make it easy. Otherwise it will be a lot more difficult to make easy paleo snacks work for you.

Bonus tip: Setting aside a few hours each week to make a large batch of 2-3 of these recipes is the best way to have plenty to eat on the go all week long.

10 Simple Healthy Lunch Ideas for Even the Pickiest Kids

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Is getting your child to eat a healthy lunch a challenge? It is for a lot of parents and even more so for children with special needs. However, there are lots of simple healthy lunch ideas you can use. Here are ten of my favorite simple healthy lunch ideas. I also recommend using something like a bento box for the lunch which makes it easier to combine different things for a lunch. You can use something like this one. 6 Pack – SimpleHouseware 3-Compartment Heavy Duty Bento Lunch Container Boxes, 36 ounces, 4 Color

You can of course combine several of these into one simple healthy lunch or add in a piece of fruit, nuts or carrot or celery sticks. You will want to try and accommodate your child’s taste preferences as much as possible too. There are also healthier options of things your child might really crave like macaroni and cheese, fruit snacks etc.

1. Celery with peanut butter or almond butter. (You can also add on some raisins for the ants on a log thing). Sun butter is also an option if your child is allergic to nuts.

2. Rice cakes with turkey or ham and cheese and lettuce- This is a healthier gluten free way to make a sandwich.

3. Guacamole and crackers(use gluten free ones if needed).

4. Homemade French Fries- make your own French fries with potatoes olive oil and salt and your child likely won’t notice the difference and they are a much healthier lunch idea.

5. Fruit smoothie with a little bit of spinach in it- sneak in the green with mostly fruit. You can also try some powdered greens like Terra Greens.

6. Homemade gluten free chicken nuggets Who says your child can’t have chicken nuggets that are healthier?

7. Applesauce or fruit cup

8. Lettuce wrap with tomato, lunch meat and avocado. (cheese too if your child isn’t dairy free) Another healthier option instead of a normal sandwich.

9. Gluten free and dairy free macaroni and cheese. Yes you really can make this a simple healthy lunch idea.

10. Chips and salsa- another classic that is healthier than a lot of other lunch options.

What simple healthy lunch ideas do you have? What did I miss? Share with me in the comments below.

10 Delicious Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pumpkin Recipes

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It’s October. So you know what that means, it’s time for gluten free and dairy free pumpkin recipes for everyone to enjoy. I do have to admit though that I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkin pie for some reason, so I won’t be including pumpkin pie on this list. You will have to go somewhere else for a gluten free and dairy free pumpkin pie recipe.

So without babbling anymore, where are ten of my favorite and most delicious gluten free and dairy free pumpkin recipes. (Not necessarily in the right order)

1. Easy Paleo Pumpkin Fudge. Note: The cheapest place to find cashew butter is at Walmart. Yes really.

2. Mini Low Carb Pumpkin Cheesecakes- These look really delicious. I haven’t actually tried these yet but plan to before the end of November.

3. Almond Flour Muffins While this recipe doesn’t have any pumpkin in it, I’ve made them before and added in some pumpkin and it worked great.

4. Healthy Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin Muffins. Note: This recipe calls for spelt flour which is not gluten free, however, I tried the recipe with a gluten free flour mix like from Bob’s Red Mill, and it worked great.

5. Cinnamon Flax Muffins– Make sure to use pumpkin instead of applesauce. I’ve made them with both and they were good both with and without the pumpkin.

6. Vegan Pumpkin Pie Smoothie- This is another classic pumpkin must have. Instead of buying expensive pumpkin egg nog that may or may not be gluten free and dairy free, try this.

7. Vegan Pumpkin Nog- Just in case you really have to have your “egg nog” with pumpkin.

8. Pumpkin Soup- Just use coconut milk instead of the heavy cream.

9. Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies. Note: I use olive oil instead of canola oil as it’s much healthier.

10. Buy the gluten free cake mix from the company Full Circle. It has a variety of spices in it that taste like pumpkin. You can make an actual cake, or muffins both are delicious.

Which one of these gluten free and dairy free pumpkin recipes seems the most delicious to you? Let me know in the comments.

The ultimate guide to easy home cooked meals

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Do you struggle with coming up with ideas for easy home cooked meals? You are not alone. Here is the ultimate guide to easy home cooked meals.

The first step to easy home cooked meals sounds simple but too often it gets missed. You must plan ahead. It’s much harder to come home from work, open up the fridge and then realize you have no idea what to cook for dinner. By planning ahead you will already know what is for dinner. This means creating a meal plan a week ahead. See my blog post on The one hour gluten free meal plan. for some ideas about how to do this.

Second, you need to think about what you can easily prepare ahead of time. If you are like me and most other people I know, this means using crockpot recipes and a rice cooker on a regular basis. This makes having easy home cooked meals a lot easier. See this blot post for 5 of my favorites. 5 of My Favorite Gluten free crockpot meals You can also find endless ideas on Pinterest.

Third, Use apps and websites like Yummly.com and Allrecipes.com. These are game changers when it comes to easy home cooked meals and meal prep.

Fourth, Keep plenty of recipes on Google Drive and Pinterest. I use these to bookmark and organize simple home cooked recipes that I am planning to make. I can organize my recipes via folders on Google Drive and save to Pinterest anything that looks good and that I might want to cook later.

Fifth, Always have ingredients on hand for easy home cooked meals that you can prepare at any time. This means you should keep a nice selection of frozen and canned vegetables as well as some fresh, meats, gluten free grains and other things so that you always have what you need to create at least 1-2 simple home cooked meals without having to run to the grocery store.

Ultimate Guide to Probiotic Drinks and Smoothies

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Do you drink probiotic drinks and smoothies? If not you really should start. Probiotics are great for your immune system and digestive system and drinking your probiotics is a great way to get them. If you aren’t sure about the benefits of probiotics, then read more about them here.

The basic kinds of probiotic drinks

Kefir- This probiotic drink comes in both a water and milk variety. You can either buy a ready made kefir drink at the grocery store, or you can make your own. Here is a guide to making your own milk kefir. Here is another guide on how to make all kinds of kefir.


This probiotic drink is made by using a scoby and creating a vinegar type drink. There are a variety of flavors and kinds. You can again buy this at the store or make your own if you have a scoby.

Guide on how to make kombucha.

Add probiotics to any drink or smoothie

The third option is to add probiotics to any drink or smoothie. You can either buy some kind of probiotic powder or supplement and mix it in, or add in some kefir grains. One of my favorite probiotic powders can be bought http://doterra.com/US/en/p/pb-assist-jr?OwnerID=87573 (It says its for kids but I use it too and it’s also great for adults.)