Essential Oil Do’s and Don’ts.

essential oil do's and don'ts

Many people when they get started using essential oils make some common mistakes. While it be very unusual for these mistakes to be too harmful, following some basic guidelines can help you avoid doing anything that might make you think twice about using essential oils.


1. Read the label that is on the bottle. This is important if for no other reason than that it will usually tell you if you can or cannot use that oil internally. The label will also tell you if that oil is likely to be a hotter oil and should be used with a carrier oil.

2. Try 1 drop of a new oil first. You want to make sure that your skin reacts to that oil well before using more.

3. Take the time to become educated on the proper using of essential oils in general but also about various essential oils.

4. Learn all you can about each essential oil.

5. Read available research on essenital oils. This is a great website to get you started.

6. Listen to the advice of others who have used essential oils successfully.


1. Avoid the lables on bottles. They are there for a reason.

2. Dumb too much of an oil on your skin.

3. Use oils that are hot directly on your skin without a carrier oil.

4. Expect essential oils to solve all of your health issues all of the time. We do have doctors and health care professionals for a reason.

5. Use oils that are labeled for external use only internally. While you probably won’t die if you do this, the instructions are there for a reason so follow them.

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