My Essential Oils Skin Care Routine

Have you ever wondered about how to use essential oils for skin care? If so, keep reading and watching, because I’m going to share with you my essential oils skin care routine.

I like to use a lot of essential oils on my skin and as a part of my skin care routine. However, these are my favorite essential oils for skin care.

1. Lavender- great for soothing the skin and for help with minor burns, sores, bruises, bee stings etc.
2. Ylang Ylang- a common essential oil in perfumes, you can use it as your own natural perfume.
3. Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Rose- often used in toners, and other skin care products.
4. Frankincense- often used in anti-aging skin care products.

Learn more about my actual essential oils skin care routine in the video below.

Essential Oils For Kids Vs Essential Oils for Adults

Have you ever wondered about the differences between Essential Oils For Kids Vs Essential Oils for Adults? Many people do and I used to as well. Now I still don’t pretend to know everything about Essential Oils For Kids Vs Essential Oils for Adults, however, I have done enough research and have enough experience that I feel comfortable writing this blog post.

1. Dilution- This is the first and probably most important difference between using essential oils with adults vs. kids. While some essential oils can be used neat on the skin of adults without dilution, essential oils no matter which ones, should never be used neat on the skin of kids. Kids have skin that is much more sensitive than that of adults. Also because children have smaller bodies, their bodies absorb essential oils at a much faster rate than adults do. Kids also should have any essential oils that are applied to the diluted at twice the rate of that used with adults. So for example, 1 drop of essential oil diluted in the same amount of carrier oil for a child, compared with 2 drops of essential oil for an adult.

2. Certain essential oils aren’t good for kids- While it’s highly unlikely that a small amount of any essential oil will cause major damage to kids, there are certain essential oils that really aren’t good for children. Wintergreen is one of these. In fact, you will find that most brands of wintergreen come with a child proof safety cap and some aromatherapists argue that wintergreen can even not be good for adults let alone children. Cinnamon, Oregano, and Clove are some additional essential oils that depending upon who you ask, are considered to be potential problems for children under the age of 6.

3. Certain oils are better not used with kids- These include oils such as eucalyptus, and lemongrass.

4. In addition, some essential oils can effect the hormones and as such are not good for use with children since their bodies including their hormones are still developing. Examples of these include clary sage and geranium.

In short, while you can use essential oils with children, it takes some education and you really should inform yourself before use with kids. Diffusing essential oils in a household with children, is also quite different than applying these same essential oils directly to their skin.

Want some kid safe essential oil blends? Learn about them in this video I did specifically on essential oils for kids.

10 Reasons Doterra is Not Like any Other MLM Company

Are you curious why the Doterra MLM company is different from other MLM’s? Here are 10 reasons why. Watch the video below to learn even more.

1. They don’t give out cars.

2. They offer buy one get one free on a variety of products 3-4 times per year.

3.They give us lots of free products for being on autoship.

4. They are committed to not only changing the lives of people in the United States by also helping the poorest of the poor throughout the entire world. They do this by specifically seeking out third world countries where the plants that produce high quality essential oils grow naturally and helping their citizens to earn a living producing essential oils. In addition they also have a non-profit- the healing hands foundation that helps these people with schools, education, hospitals, medical clinic and more.

5. The Free to Give program- This program encourages you to get out of debt and stay out of debt through a systematic debt elimination system and budgeting system.

6. There is no hype at company conventions. We don’t see paychecks, people talking about how much money they have made and other promises. Instead the focus is on changing lives.

7. They work together with medical professionals, hospitals and Western Medicine. Most other health and wellness MLMS, ignore these people at best and in some cases, try to belittle them. Doterra works on integrating with traditional medicine and on research projects with Western Medicine professionals and facilities.

8. Most health and wellness companies focus only on one aspect of health. Doterra focuses on all areas of health including emotional health.

9. Doterra offers wholesale memberships with the same discounts on products and customer perks to people who don’t want to be business builders. This allows customers to benefit from our products without having to sign up for a business account.

10. Doterra pays more on your 6th level than on your 1st level. Most companies are the opposite of this. This allows you to over time earn more money since most people eventually have higher numbers of people on their 6th level than they do on their first.

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