How to Steam Inhale Essential Oils

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Have you ever steam inhaled essential oils? If not, you are missing out. You can learn how to steam inhale essential oils as a primary method of aromatherapy and once you do, you will never go back to many of your old ways of using essential oils. However, there are correct ways to steam inhale essential oils and ways that can cause more harm than good. So keep reading to learn about how to do it effectively and safely.

First, steam inhaling essential oils is easier when you have the right tools. My favorite device is the Maivara steaming pot with lava rocks. This pot makes it easy to steam inhale oils for maximum benefit without the hassles of other methods. You can also control easier how much water you use and the lava rocks make it work better. You can also use a tea mug or other cup, however, it can be easier to burn your hand while touching it and making sure that the water is the right temperature is more difficult. The water also cools off a lot faster with a cup. However, if all you have is a tea mug and you don’t want to invest the money to purchase a steaming pot, then a mug can work.

Second, you need to be careful how hot the water is. You want it to be hot but not too scalding hot. If you use a pot like I mentioned above, the water will boil and you will inhale the steam. However, with a cup you don’t want the water to be that hot.

Third, Make sure to never put your nose too close to the steam vapors. It is recommended to keep your nose at least 2 inches away. This is another reason that using a pot is easier because it is covered and the vapors go farther and can be inhaled from farther away.

Fourth, avoid putting too many drops of essential oil in the pot or cup. I recommend 2-5 drops. If you put in too many drops then the smell will be overpowering and can irritate your nasal passages.

Follow these instructions and you will be able to help your sinuses stay clear and healthy all winter long.

Not sure you want to use steam? Neti pots are also an option. Learn more about how I use neti pots with essential oils.

Why Fennel Essential Oil Should Be a Part Of Your Wellness Toolbox

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Is fennel essential oil a part of your wellness toolbox? If not, it really should be. You may be like many people who have never even tried fennel essential oil, or maybe you tried it a time or two but didn’t understand why it is important to keep on hand.

Here are some of the ways I have used fennel essential oil to help with my wellness needs.

  1. It works great in a tea. You can either make a fennel tea with 1 drop of fennel essential oil by itself or you can add it to peppermint or ginger tea. Fennel has a sweet taste and can make peppermint or ginger tea taste sweeter. Fennel is also one of the top essential oils for digestive support along with ginger and peppermint so they make a great combination.
  2. You can add in 1-2 drops of fennel essential oil to a dessert or other sweet recipe such as a shortcake, waffles, pudding, or home made ice cream to help improve your body’s ability to digest that food.
  3. You can combine it with a drop of peppermint essential oil and or a drop of ginger essential oil for a digestive support powerhouse.
  4. You can rub 1-2 drops on your stomach to help ease the discomfort from your monthly women’s cycle. Fennel essential oil is one of the best I have found for this and I’ve tried a lot of different essential oils.
  5. You can rub 1-2 drops on your stomach or bottoms of your feet to help with car sickness or any other similar motion sickness.

These are the most common ways I use fennel essential oil and the most frequent ways that most people I know use it. Do you have any other ideas I missed? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

10 of My Favorite Aromatherapy Bombs Recipes

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Do you use aromatherapy bombs with your baths and or showers? I love using aromatherapy bombs and thought I would share with you ten of my favorite aromatherapy bomb recipes. For each aromatherapy bomb you want to mix the essential oils with equal parts of citric acid and epsom salts.

  1. Lavender and peppermint- Peppermint is a somewhat hot oil though so for this one, you will want to use only 1-2 drops of peppermint with at least 3-5 drops of lavender.
  2. Wild Orange and Lemon- This is a great wake up and detox aromatherapy bomb blend. You can either use an equal number of drops or use a few more of one or the other. I’ve tried them both and they are both great.
  3. Lavender and Eucalyptus- This is a great one for relaxing and clearing your sinuses.
  4. Ylang Ylang and Wild Orange- This is a bit of a different combination. However, it works great because ylang ylang is more of a perfume type essential oil and not everyone likes the smell so combining it with orange makes it nice.
  5. Lavender and Ylang Ylang- This is great for when you want a nice relaxing and perfume smelling bath.
  6. Grapefruit and Wild Orange- Grapefruit is great for detoxing and weight loss but has more of a sour smell so combining it with the sweeter smell of orange makes for a great combination.
  7. Copaiba and Lavender- This is great for relaxing and also releasing tension. Copaiba has a very light hard to detect smell though so this aromatherapy bomb recipe will smell a lot more like lavender.
  8. Wild Orange and Peppermint- One of my favorite combinations for energy and motivation. However, since peppermint is a hotter oil, this one works better when used in the shower, rather than the bath where you feel it more on your skin.
  9. Lavender and Marjoram- a great combo for relaxing and reducing tension.
  10. Peppermint and Eucalyptus- This is another strong one for your sinuses and is better used in the shower as well.

What is your favorite aromatherapy bomb recipe?