Gluten Free Chicken and Brussel Sprouts Recipe

gluten free chicken and brussel sprouts

This is one of my favorite gluten free chicken recipes.

Gluten Free Orange Chicken Brussels Sprouts with Brown Rice

Serves 2


2 cups of brown rice
4 cups of water
salt to taste
2 chicken breasts or thighs
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of orange juice
3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
12 Brussels Sprouts

Cooking Instructions

Cook rice in water with salt to taste. You can use a pan on the stove but I like to use a rice cooker. Then while the rice is cooking, you can cook the chicken and Brussels sprouts mixture.

Begin cooking chicken in 2-3 tablespoons of water. If the chicken is frozen you can thaw it first or just start cooking it and it will take a little longer to cook. Cook chicken until it is about 50% cooked. Then add in the Brussels sprouts. Continue cooking until the chicken and Brussels sprouts are about 75% cooked. Then stir in the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Stir for 2-3 minutes on high heat then turn down to low heat and continue to cook for approximately 10 minutes or until the Brussels sprouts are thoroughly cooked. Then stir in the orange juice for flavoring and let the mixture sit with heat off for 5 more minutes. (You can also use 1-2 drops of a food grade quality orange essential oil) Then serve 1 cup of brown rice on each plate and serve with equal portions of the chicken and Brussels sprouts.

Note: This recipe is also really good with broccoli instead of Brussels sprouts or quinoa or white rice instead of brown rice.

How to Cook Millet


Have you ever eaten millet? If you are like a lot of people you are shaking your head and saying huh? Millet? What’s millet? Well this post is going to share with you all about how to cook millet and convince you why you should eat it and how to cook millet so that it tastes delicious.

One of the great things about millet is that it is very high in magnesium and there have been studies done that say that up to 90% of the United States population is deficient in magnesium so eating millet can help you with that.

The easiest way to cook millet is to use a rice cooker. Millet is a grain that cooks up nice and fluffy just like rice and you can use it with a lot of the same recipes where you would use rice. Put 2 cups of millet per 1 cup of water with a sprinkle of salt in your rice cooker and cook it just like you would rice. You can also boil water on the stove and cook your millet. It’s really easy to cook, however, actually making millet taste delicious is a bit more challenging.

Here are some of my favorite millet recipes:

1. Add some butter or olive oil and then saute some chicken, turkey or shrimp with mixed vegetables and mix with the millet.
2. Add some butter or olive oil with peas and tuna.
3. Add some butter or olive oil with green beans and tuna.
4. Add some butter or olive oil with zucchini and peppers.
5. Saute some broccoli, onions and peppers and then serve with the millet. (You can also add chicken or shrimp to this dish and it tastes delicious either way.)
6. You can also make a millet cereal with honey or brown sugar, coconut or almond milk, a dash of cinnamon, and some walnuts, almonds or pecans.

Take time and experiment with various ways to cook millet and I think you will be surprised at how good it is. Millet is also really cheap and of course naturally gluten free which is a bonus. Especially since most of the other gluten free grains other than rice are more expensive. Millet is actually cheaper than wheat and barley. You can get it at most grocery stores you can of course like most things find it on Amazon. Arrowhead Mills Whole Millet, 28 Ounce

10 Simple Gluten Free Dinner Recipes

gluten free dinner recipes

Do you struggle to figure our what to serve for your gluten free dinners? Do you end up eating the same thing over and over? Do your kids complain and often refuse to eat what you have cooked? Do you spend too much money on your gluten free dinner trying to find gluten free fast food or on ingredients that cost more than you would like? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me help you. Here are ten simple gluten free dinner recipes that are classics for me and that I really find to be quite delicious and that even the pickiest of your kids will want to eat.

1. Quinoa with chicken and vegetables- This is a great one because not only is it simple and delicious but there are a lot of varieties. Personally either peas and carrots, or broccoli with red onions are my favorite combinations but you can use any 2-5 vegetables that you want. You make them in a stir fry with the chicken and some olive oil and you can use a rice cooker to cook quinoa fast and ahead of time with leftovers to spare.

2. Brown rice with chicken and vegetables- This is a twist on number 1. You use brown rice instead of quinoa.

3. Chicken fajitas with corn shells- You can also make the fajita mix and not use any shells. You saute chicken, beef or shrimp in olive oil with onions, peppers and zucchini and or yellow squash and then you can add some lemon pepper spice, salt, black better or other gluten free spices.

4. Baked potato bar- This is another great simple gluten free dinner recipe because you can make most of it ahead as well. You wrap potatoes in tinfoil and bake them in the oven for 1.5 to 2 hours. You can also make them in the microwave or cook them in the oven and then save them for future meals. Then you add toppings such as butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon or ham, (not bacon bits as they usually have gluten in them) cooked and raw vegetables, olives, cooked chicken and really anything else you want.

5. Pea and Ham soup- This is another one of my favorites. You can make it in a crackpot. Combine raw peas, chicken broth, carrots sliced and ham and cook for about 4-8 hours. You can also include some onions and celery for more flavor.

6. Chicken, potatoes, carrotts, onions and cabbage in crock pot- For this one it sounds simple and it is. You cook all of these ingredients in a crockpot with some water for 6-10 hours. Then you season it with some salt or other gluten free seasoning.

7. Vegetables egg omlette- You cook the vegetables first. Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, and onions are my favorite ones but there are lots of combinations that work. Then you add in the eggs and cook them thoroughly. You can also add in some ham and tomatoes and avocados with a little bit of cheese if you can have milk products.

8. Lentils and tomato soup- You make this one in the crock pot and put in raw lentils with some water and or chicken broth with carrots and cook them. Then about 1 hour before they are done or even when they are done, you add in 1-2 cans of tomatoes. You can also cook some chicken with the lentils and it tastes really good.

9. Salad- This is usually the first thing people think of when they think of gluten free dinner. You can make any kind of salad you like. However, my favorite is lettuce with tomatoes, canned tuna, olives, avocado, sprouts, boiled egg, and some red onion.

10. Rice Pile Ups This is similar to the baked potato idea only you use brown rice preferably or you could use white rice and then add the toppings.