5 Delicious Gluten Free Sandwich Wraps

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Have you ever tried a gluten free sandwich wrap? These have become more and more popular especially with people who are not only gluten free but who are also following the paleo diet. Even if you aren’t paleo, eating fewer grains and carbs can help with weight loss and to improve your overall health. Gluten free sandwich wraps are a great way to enjoy a sandwich without all the gluten and carbs. Here are five of my favorite gluten free sandwich wrap recipes:

1. A lettuce wrap- There are lots of variations of this but my favorite is the following:

Take a large piece of iceberg lettuce then add in 1-3 slices of turkey, 1-2 slices of tomato, cheese(only if you aren’t dairy free) or you can try some dairy free cheese although I personally don’t love it and prefer to just go without, and half an avocado. Then roll it up and enjoy. You can also add in some cucumber, red onion and or pepper slices. You can also try it with ham, beef or chicken.

2. Make a sandwich wrap with a paleo coconut wrap such as- Paleo Wraps, Gluten Free Coconut Wraps, 7-Count (Pack of 2). These are quite expensive though and while there are other brands that are a bit less, you may want to experiment with making your own with coconut flour. I have tried these wraps though and they are really good. You can fill them with anything you want just like you would a regular sandwich.

3. Make a sandwich with a gluten free spinach sandwich wrap such as these: Raw Wraps Spinach- Gluten Free. Vegan, Paleo (Quinoa Seeds), Raw. You could also use spinach leaves like the lettuce wrap to make you sandwich. Personally I really only like raw spinach in smoothies though so this isn’t my favorite gluten free sandwich wrap recipe.

4. Use the slices of turkey, chicken or ham on the outside and put the avocado, peppers, cucumber, red onion, and tomato inside it. You can also add in some mustard if you like it. I don’t really like mustard so I usually just eat mine plain.

5. Use a corn tortilla to make your sandwich wrap. This version is more like a taco. You can use refried beans, and salsa like you would a taco or you can use the same ingredients or a variation of them to make a traditional gluten free sandwich wrap.